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"Old School - Anita Bella Rose"
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects
51 x 38 x 28cms
commission NFS
wooden plank (neighbours veranda c1950s), door lock c1920s, Imperia Russian Vodka bottle from Thailand, silver liquor glass c1960s, doll arms, velvet ribbons, wire,  Beads from various jewellery pieces c1960s to present - (Swarovski  crystals, pearls, jet beads, shells, crystal beads), iron fruit bowl, roof flashing, hand painted and dyed reclaimed silk, velvet material, adhesives, wire, paint, clays.  
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Throw Them Out??

Photo(46) Throw them out? THROW them out!!? I think not! Each is about 8cm long. They are plastic coated metal hooks and get this, they are only used to hold stock together while shipping. Very sad stuff. :(  Time to turn it around.... it's Alchemy time!!!! I can't change the fact they are here, YET, but I can change what happens next.
My boss said... "you are a crow" then quickly apologized... not needed, I am VERY proud to be one... Throw them out? You MUST be joking. Stay tuned while the Crow works out something magical.