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Laneway Ball Project

  BeInspired Invite
Next magic project..... I've been invited to create an artwork for this amazing event to be held in August in Sydney city opposite the Strand Arcade. The brief was to create a 2 x 3meter artwork on canvas to be hung from the walls in the laneway depicting what inspires you.  It's a cause very close to my heart so the sycronicity of the opportunity has been so special.

I'm creating  a 2 x 3 meter manadala collage/assemblage on canvas with recycled materials and found objects.
"That Which is Here"
We seem to be constantly looking outside ourselves for "things". The new shiny toy, the great idea, the person to make us happy.
By using everyday, overlooked and discarded materials, I will depict a mandala that shows we already have all that we require.
It's time to protect it and use it in a new way.

Mandala is Sanskrit for 'magic circle'. The oldest known mandalas date back to the Stone Age, they where used to set aside
a certain time or place as sacred. Mandalas are also seen throughout history in all cultures of the world, depicting and expressing that which is sacred.
 " a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self" Carl Jung

I'm going to be putting video and photos of this process on my blog so stay tuned!