Exhibition Invitation - next place to see my work

OPENING NIGHT  6pm Thursday 17th June
North Manly... details on invitation


 I'll be presenting three artworks, one, 'Green Tara Beautiful', will auctioned and 100% of the funds will go to the organization  Lha Social Network as mentioned on the invite.
The other two artworks are "Golden Tara Peace" and "Dakini Muse" which are currently available.  There will be so many amazing pieces of art to see, in all mediums. This is my Art group which I've been a part of since it began and they got me exhibiting. Photography, all types of paintings, sculpture, poetry and more!
A great night... if you are in Sydney and you want to see a great mix of art, meet the artists, try some Tibetan food and lend a hand to a great cause, come along.
More information email me cheralyn@hotmail.com
If you can not attend and wish to place a bid for Green Tara let me know and I will organize it.
Her picture and details are here
T2 "Green Tara Beautiful"
45 x 24 x 15cms
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects

wooden plank (neighbors old veranda c1950s), sewing box tin lid c1960s, silver plated sugar bowl c1940s, silver plated sweet serving dish c1940s, clip on earring c1960s, brass liquor cup c1950s, strand of beads found on Manly Corso by artist, enamel brass plate c1960s, foiled beads, roof flashing, hand painted and dyed reclaimed silk, doll hands, fabric flowers, modeling clays, wire, paint.
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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