Tarot Guild Presentation
"Together Exhibition"

E Waste Fairies! My Entry!!!!!

T1 Soooo excited over this!
When I saw the award advertised I was beside myself. I work in recycled materials and my passion is being able to create out of what is already there. Here is an opportunity to highlight a VERY important issue as well.
AND SO ... The E Waste Fairies where born!
Have to admit it was a challenge to create a piece that was in keeping with my style yet stayed within the Award rules. All electronic waste, no other recycled materials, no paint. No paint! yikes! I was allowed wood and clay.
My entry is for a series of 20 E Waste Fairies, each unique, to be displayed throughout the exhibition site. A little reminder that as much as we would love the E Waste Fairies to clean up after us, their job is actually to remind us to care for our planet.
So without further ado I present my very first E Waste Fairy and entry in the 2010 EWaste Sculpture Award.
Entry submitted......*fingers and fairy toes crossed*

"Telres" E Waste Fairy
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
45 x 30 x 24cm (including stand)

assemblage of found objects
clay and items sourced from:
two modems, a computer system, computer cables, mice