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"Green Tara Listens"

Listens1 "Green Tara Listens"

Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects

wood plank c1950s, sewing box lid c1980s, silver dish c1960s, silver sweet server c1950s, brass door knob c1970s, brass liquor goblet c1970s, beads, silk flowers, enamel brass plate c1970s, roof flashing, doll arms, paint, adhesives, wire, clay, hand dyed and painted reclaimed silk.

T2 And quietly she listens, my soul speaks, she hears.

currently available
contact Cheralyn [email protected] for more details

"Green Tara Dreams"

Dreams1 One of my smaller sculptures.

“Green Tara Dreams”

Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects
25 x 15x 12cm

beer bottle, brass liquor goblet c1970s, metal fitting from child’s toy c1940s, doll arms, gold wire leaves - brooch c1950s, silver beads, shell earring c1980s, wood bracelet c1990s, cord ribbon, silk leaves, clay, adhesives, wire, paint, mica, hand dyed and painted reclaimed silk

Dream2 She comes to me in dreams of protection and peace. 

currently available Studio 4, North Manly
contact Cheralyn [email protected] for more details

Laneway Ball Project

  BeInspired Invite
Next magic project..... I've been invited to create an artwork for this amazing event to be held in August in Sydney city opposite the Strand Arcade. The brief was to create a 2 x 3meter artwork on canvas to be hung from the walls in the laneway depicting what inspires you.  It's a cause very close to my heart so the sycronicity of the opportunity has been so special.

I'm creating  a 2 x 3 meter manadala collage/assemblage on canvas with recycled materials and found objects.
"That Which is Here"
We seem to be constantly looking outside ourselves for "things". The new shiny toy, the great idea, the person to make us happy.
By using everyday, overlooked and discarded materials, I will depict a mandala that shows we already have all that we require.
It's time to protect it and use it in a new way.

Mandala is Sanskrit for 'magic circle'. The oldest known mandalas date back to the Stone Age, they where used to set aside
a certain time or place as sacred. Mandalas are also seen throughout history in all cultures of the world, depicting and expressing that which is sacred.
 " a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self" Carl Jung

I'm going to be putting video and photos of this process on my blog so stay tuned! 

"Dakini Muse" SOLD

Red1 Red2

“Dakini Muse”

Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects

49 x 27 x 25cm



wood plank c1960s, Tibetan silver beads c1980s, glass decanter c1980s, candle holder, silver champagne goblet c1960s, light fitting c1960s, camera lens c1970s, beaded flower brooch c1970s, doll arms, roof flashing, bindi, skull beads, saw blades c1990s and c1980s, brass door knocker c 1970s, silver earring, paint, clay, wire, thread, adhesives, hand dyed and painted reclaimed silk


Dakini dances the greater mysteries into my soul.

mmmm looks a little pink on screen... is actually red.

"Golden Tara Light"

G1 Gold2

“Golden Tara Light”

Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects

45 x 23 x 24cm

ceramic candle holder, silver Tibetan beads, leather cord, ceramic jar c1970s, brass liquor goblet c 1970s, metal picture frame c1950s, metal brooch c1940s, crystal bead - brooch c1950s, metal book mark c1980s, ribbon, clay, wire, paint, adhesives, hand dyed and painted reclaimed silk

Light of morning, of happiness, of grace and understanding. 

currently available Studio 4, North Manly
contact Cheralyn

"Together Exhibition"


6 - 8pm
Studio 4, Complete Framing
410 Pittwater Road North Manly

I have four pieces available... I had said previously that one "Green Tara Listens" was to be part of an auction to raise funds for the charity we are supporting. The organizers have changed plans and a percentage of total sales will be donated instead.

There is an amazing variety of work on show from a fantastically talented bunch of artists.
Sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, collage.

My series was created with the charity we are supporting in mind, Tibetan Buddhist Goddesses. Prices range from $110 to $265
But aside from you to drop in and just say HI!


detail "Golden Tara Light"


E Waste Fairies! My Entry!!!!!

T1 Soooo excited over this!
When I saw the award advertised I was beside myself. I work in recycled materials and my passion is being able to create out of what is already there. Here is an opportunity to highlight a VERY important issue as well.
AND SO ... The E Waste Fairies where born!
Have to admit it was a challenge to create a piece that was in keeping with my style yet stayed within the Award rules. All electronic waste, no other recycled materials, no paint. No paint! yikes! I was allowed wood and clay.
My entry is for a series of 20 E Waste Fairies, each unique, to be displayed throughout the exhibition site. A little reminder that as much as we would love the E Waste Fairies to clean up after us, their job is actually to remind us to care for our planet.
So without further ado I present my very first E Waste Fairy and entry in the 2010 EWaste Sculpture Award.
Entry submitted......*fingers and fairy toes crossed*

"Telres" E Waste Fairy
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
45 x 30 x 24cm (including stand)

assemblage of found objects
clay and items sourced from:
two modems, a computer system, computer cables, mice


Tarot Guild Presentation

Thank you so much to everyone who attended last night! YES it was a challenge as I've never done this Detail1 sort of thing before.  When Jen asked me if I could put this together it scared the life out of me to be honest!

Sure I've taught a kazillion art and craft classes and I guess I'm not too bad at group work as I used to present at Craft Shows around Australia way back when.  But it's been a while, I'm a bit rusty. :) It was wonderful to feel so welcome and to see you all enjoy yourselves. I really had loads of fun too as I love love love sharing the things I enjoy so much.

If there is anyone who needs another handout from the night, or any questions re anything at all, let me know. Again, thank you all so much for your interest and participation. :)

"Queen of Wands" detail

Exhibition Invitation - next place to see my work

OPENING NIGHT  6pm Thursday 17th June
North Manly... details on invitation


 I'll be presenting three artworks, one, 'Green Tara Beautiful', will auctioned and 100% of the funds will go to the organization  Lha Social Network as mentioned on the invite.
The other two artworks are "Golden Tara Peace" and "Dakini Muse" which are currently available.  There will be so many amazing pieces of art to see, in all mediums. This is my Art group which I've been a part of since it began and they got me exhibiting. Photography, all types of paintings, sculpture, poetry and more!
A great night... if you are in Sydney and you want to see a great mix of art, meet the artists, try some Tibetan food and lend a hand to a great cause, come along.
More information email me [email protected]
If you can not attend and wish to place a bid for Green Tara let me know and I will organize it.
Her picture and details are here
T2 "Green Tara Beautiful"
45 x 24 x 15cms
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects

wooden plank (neighbors old veranda c1950s), sewing box tin lid c1960s, silver plated sugar bowl c1940s, silver plated sweet serving dish c1940s, clip on earring c1960s, brass liquor cup c1950s, strand of beads found on Manly Corso by artist, enamel brass plate c1960s, foiled beads, roof flashing, hand painted and dyed reclaimed silk, doll hands, fabric flowers, modeling clays, wire, paint.