time to get to Work :)

Wspirit Thursday = start of the ART working week for me :) TODAY... finishing off three of my girls, starting a GUY and twogirls and creating a few new necklaces for friends... AND a Magic Workshop visitor :) Oh yes and last night I began sketching up new Nichos! Been a while but I did love creating them soooo much a couple of years ago... here's one I couldn't part with... "To Have Spirit"..

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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E Waste Faery Sculptures?

May 21
I know I've been buzzing around like a little bee the past few days and for those who have been wondering what I'm on about with my E-Waste Faeries for the Manly Arts Festival E-Waste Award is all about.... read...
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Meet Two New Girls...

May 28
First girly ready! AND most important one. This exhibition, the group I'm exhibiting with is supporting Tibet and I'm donatating 100% of the sale price of this, my first piece in this body of work AND my very first ever...