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E Waste Faery Sculptures?

I know I've been buzzing around like a little bee the past few days and for those who have been wondering what I'm on about with my E-Waste Faeries for the Manly Arts Festival E-Waste Award is all about.... read on...
I get all Recycled Excited! E Waste is ELECTRONIC Waste...Computers, printers, scanners and peripherals, DVD players, VCRs and gaming consoles. They all contain materials which are toxic in landfill and MUST BE RECYCLED. We must as a community must also seek out better ways to produce theses items in the first place (yes some
manufactures are on it).

“E-Sculpt.2010 aims to draw attention to the various issues surrounding e-waste,” said Mayor of Manly, Councillor Jean Hay, who is also the Chair of the Manly Arts Festival Committee.

If you want to enter too...
E-Waste Sculpture Award 2010