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Commissions Open

I've turned into more of a Facebooker than Blogger of late... blame the iphone! Sorry. It;s just too easy isn't it? I'll try and get Blogging more often :)
I've FINALLY caught up on my commissions and I'm on track for the next exhibition at least.
If you would like  one of my sculptures I'm happy to create to order.
Fairies, Goddesses, Angels, whatever your heart can think up... we can have a chat and work some magick together.
All of my Assemblage Sculptures feature Found and Recycled Objects and Treasures. I sculpt the faces by hand myself and dye and paint most of the fabrics by hand (usually reclaimed silk).

The usual cost is $165.  Please allow AT LEAST two weeks. (this will be dependent on my work load at the time, so book in early if this is to be a gift.)

Most designs can be shipped, my girls (and guys) have successfully traveled to the USA and Finland!
ideas? Commissions this year include Rhiannon, The Green Man, a Vampire, lots of Fairies and at present I'm working on my first Mermaid! Yes you can incorporate your own treasures into the sculpture.
My next exhibition is a group show with the Art Tree of the Northern Beaches "Together" where three new works will be available.  Opens mid June (details soon).
I'm very busy working on my very first Solo Exhibition which will be held in Manly in November.
More pictures of my work (look in the gallery).
You can contact me via:  [email protected]

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