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Meet Two New Girls...

First girly ready! AND most important one. This exhibition, the group I'm exhibiting with is supporting Tibet and I'm donatating 100% of the sale price of this, my first piece in this body of work AND my very first ever Tara. I will have more details re the particular charity soon and invites for opening night too. (6pm Thursday 17th June, Manly)

T1 "Tara Beautiful"
45 x 24 x 15cms
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects
Auction piece "Together" exhibition

wooden plank (neighbors old veranda c1950s), sewing box tin lid c1960s, silver plated sugar bowl c1940s, silver plated sweet serving dish c1940s, clip on earring c1960s, brass liquor cup c1950s, strand of beads found on Manly Corso by artist, enamel brass plate c1960s, foiled beads, roof flashing, hand painted and dyed reclaimed silk, doll hands, fabric flowers, modeling clays, wire, paint.

Ab1 AND... she's finished!
"Old School - Anita Bella Rose"
Cheralyn Darcey 2010
assemblage sculpture of found objects
51 x 38 x 28cms
commission NFS
wooden plank (neighbours veranda c1950s), door lock c1920s, Imperia Russian Vodka bottle from Thailand, silver liquor glass c1960s, doll arms, velvet ribbons, wire,  Beads from various jewellery pieces c1960s to present - (Swarovski  crystals, pearls, jet beads, shells, crystal beads), iron fruit bowl, roof flashing, hand painted and dyed reclaimed silk, velvet material, adhesives, wire, paint, clays.  

Last night on Facebook I made the comment that I was lucky to have my Studio AKA Magic Workshop AKA half of the garage :D. Two people PMed and asked why was that. So this is why... I remember when rent and food where more important than art supplies, when I didn't have a home at all. Years later I remember when babies needed more attention than finding my inspiration and then I remember living far from home in another country with a big house but being too much of an Art Indiana Jones to settle down to "studio practice". But most important of all I remember not listening to my heart or the messages the earth gives me... not thinking I could be a real artist unless I had a sun filled loft in Manly while I painted  gloriously large oils. Yeah it's just a brick garage, half underground... but ohhh the Magic is there.... I look out at trees and glimpses of the sky, I hear kookaburras and others I have no name for and have lots of beautiful spiders, lizards and friends who call it home.  It's filled with old tables and funny chairs and people like to come over and sit and chat while I work. I wear old pajama pants, the air is filled with everything from Heavy Metal to Tribal Drums and teenage laughter and chatter at times... It's not a 'fancy' studio at all... it's far far more... a Magical Workshop in every way to me and YES I am VERY VERY lucky.

time to get to Work :)

Wspirit Thursday = start of the ART working week for me :) TODAY... finishing off three of my girls, starting a GUY and twogirls and creating a few new necklaces for friends... AND a Magic Workshop visitor :) Oh yes and last night I began sketching up new Nichos! Been a while but I did love creating them soooo much a couple of years ago... here's one I couldn't part with... "To Have Spirit"..

E Waste Faery Sculptures?

I know I've been buzzing around like a little bee the past few days and for those who have been wondering what I'm on about with my E-Waste Faeries for the Manly Arts Festival E-Waste Award is all about.... read on...
I get all Recycled Excited! E Waste is ELECTRONIC Waste...Computers, printers, scanners and peripherals, DVD players, VCRs and gaming consoles. They all contain materials which are toxic in landfill and MUST BE RECYCLED. We must as a community must also seek out better ways to produce theses items in the first place (yes some
manufactures are on it).

“E-Sculpt.2010 aims to draw attention to the various issues surrounding e-waste,” said Mayor of Manly, Councillor Jean Hay, who is also the Chair of the Manly Arts Festival Committee.

If you want to enter too...
E-Waste Sculpture Award 2010

Commissions Open

I've turned into more of a Facebooker than Blogger of late... blame the iphone! Sorry. It;s just too easy isn't it? I'll try and get Blogging more often :)
I've FINALLY caught up on my commissions and I'm on track for the next exhibition at least.
If you would like  one of my sculptures I'm happy to create to order.
Fairies, Goddesses, Angels, whatever your heart can think up... we can have a chat and work some magick together.
All of my Assemblage Sculptures feature Found and Recycled Objects and Treasures. I sculpt the faces by hand myself and dye and paint most of the fabrics by hand (usually reclaimed silk).

The usual cost is $165.  Please allow AT LEAST two weeks. (this will be dependent on my work load at the time, so book in early if this is to be a gift.)

Most designs can be shipped, my girls (and guys) have successfully traveled to the USA and Finland!
ideas? Commissions this year include Rhiannon, The Green Man, a Vampire, lots of Fairies and at present I'm working on my first Mermaid! Yes you can incorporate your own treasures into the sculpture.
My next exhibition is a group show with the Art Tree of the Northern Beaches "Together" where three new works will be available.  Opens mid June (details soon).
I'm very busy working on my very first Solo Exhibition which will be held in Manly in November.
More pictures of my work (look in the gallery).
You can contact me via:  [email protected]

S10 Ssecrets Darceycups2

I'm Just Walking the Dogs...

Photo(45) New fitness routine (run first.. gym THEN dog walk)... Yeah I KNOW I'm SOOOOO lucky to live with all this bush around here. We got lightly rained on this morning BUT the morning was filled with Kookaburra laughter and the fresh rain soaked smell of eucalyptus... :)

Oracle of Shadows and Light!!!!!!!!!!

C1 Arrived THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!! My own copy of this gorgeous deck. I just about squeezed mailman to death.
I was lucky enough to experience Lucy Cavendishes' copy at the Aphrodite Retreat over the weekend and am SO AMAZED by them. Lucy has come up with her BEST deck ever and the artwork of Jasmine Becket-Griffith is deliciously sublime.