Sneeky Peeky... AHHRRRRRRR

K1 I'm developing some new kids workshops for a store in Sydney and their magazine. Art+Recycling=AWESOME FUN!!!!!

Here is number one.....

I'm working today on loads of variations... FAIRIES ANYONE????? Photos this afternoon.K2 Wings are drying in the crisp morning air as I type...
DON'T WORRY....He is NOT about to kill the beautiful fish! They are going on an adventure together. :)
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Tarot Cruising

Apr 12
Had another VERY fun day working (oh is it WORKING?!) on a Sydney cruise boat reading Tarot. Sparkling Sydney sunshine, laugh inducing bumpy waves, sandy smiles of beaches, close passing sails and stunning spinnakers and the majestic Manly Ferries!! What...
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While I Wait for Things to Dry

Apr 16
I can get on with a few other projects. The background to this is a canvas which will end up with the same surface as the mask. Have another two of these (different) in various stages. :)