Peg Dolls! Believe it of NOT!!


Here they are.... ohhh it's a crazy weekend. Finished commission piece and now getting ready for this...Doing a Kids Workshop...  Peg Leg Pete the Pirate and Fabulous Flower Fairies. I've had more fun creating this workshop than the kids will making them tomorrow I'm sure!
 If you want a worksheet for these email me, happy to pass it along. This is a GREAT old fashioned craft and by using scrap pieces of fabric, papers, old silk flowers etc, it's economical too. :)
Working on a series of grown up assemblage ones now... BRAIN is TICKING... pics soon




bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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While I Wait for Things to Dry

Apr 16
I can get on with a few other projects. The background to this is a canvas which will end up with the same surface as the mask. Have another two of these (different) in various stages. :)
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Mask Done!

Apr 19
I DID FINISH MY MASK yesterday!!!!!!! Very happy to report that even the canvas is recycled! It was a council throw out find :) It was half covered with a very dark and textural half finished abstract (hope it wasn't...