New Toy... Bind It All!

Zutter I've been looking at this tool, the Bind it All by Zutter, for months, brought one on sale this week. :)
My plans is to make journals and sketch books out of old damaged books and things.
Been having loads of fun today experimenting.

I have picked up part sets of tarot and oracle cards over the years and NOW I've got something to do with them!

Love this book but didn't get the the centering of the holes right... oh well part of the Art Adventure :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Busy Busy

Mar 31
Ohhhhh sooooo many projects on this month! I'll update pics and news over the Easter Break... Two more Tarot Assemblage Dolls are done! I'm working on an amazingly special piece with a lot of firsts... first time I've used raw...
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And now... Art Update.

Apr 4
It's a crazy weather day and the place for that is... IN THE STUDIO! OK... have been silly busy the last couple of weeks...oh and not just playing with that very cool binding machine either!... and art takes time... well...