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Mask Done!

I DID FINISH MY MASK yesterday!!!!!!!
Very happy to report that even the canvas is recycled! It was a council throw out find :)  It was  half covered with a very dark and textural half finished abstract (hope it wasn't a Pollock)... I find the easiest way to reuse such a piece is to cover with gesso and the good old scrunched tissue paper method. Gesso, tissue paper, gesso... new nice textured canvas!
Mask 1

Peg Dolls! Believe it of NOT!!


Here they are.... ohhh it's a crazy weekend. Finished commission piece and now getting ready for this...Doing a Kids Workshop...  Peg Leg Pete the Pirate and Fabulous Flower Fairies. I've had more fun creating this workshop than the kids will making them tomorrow I'm sure!
 If you want a worksheet for these email me, happy to pass it along. [email protected] This is a GREAT old fashioned craft and by using scrap pieces of fabric, papers, old silk flowers etc, it's economical too. :)
Working on a series of grown up assemblage ones now... BRAIN is TICKING... pics soon




Sneeky Peeky... AHHRRRRRRR

K1 I'm developing some new kids workshops for a store in Sydney and their magazine. Art+Recycling=AWESOME FUN!!!!!

Here is number one.....

I'm working today on loads of variations... FAIRIES ANYONE????? Photos this afternoon.K2 Wings are drying in the crisp morning air as I type...
DON'T WORRY....He is NOT about to kill the beautiful fish! They are going on an adventure together. :)

Tarot Cruising

Had another VERY fun day working (oh is it WORKING?!) on a Sydney cruise boat reading Tarot.

Sparkling Sydney sunshine, laugh inducing bumpy waves, sandy smiles of beaches, close passing sails and stunning spinnakers and the majestic Manly Ferries!! What a setting.  Such a great learning Photo(39)experience too as I haven't had exposure to quick readings in limited time before.  Met lots of wonderful and interesting people and really enjoyed  working with the other other Readers... not to mention the 'work' drinks and chat afterwards by the harbour! THEN a walk up to Adyar Bookstore and FINALLY got a title you can't get on Kindle and I've wanted for ages.
Great day. :)


And now... Art Update.

Photo(36) It's a crazy weather day and the place  for that is...  IN THE STUDIO!Photo(33)
OK... have been silly busy the last couple of weeks...oh and not just playing with that very cool binding machine either!... and art takes time... well some does. Have cleared the decks for a few UFOs. UnFinishedObjects.  These sadly are the things my heart and soul wants to do but my purse needs me to create other things.

First up is my "I don't know who she is... but after reading Lucy Cavendish's book "Lost Worlds"  I began creating her... thinking she was an Atlantian Being BUT she started taking off in another direction to the point of actually taking off, she's grown wings... sooo mmmm not sure :). She isn't finished so time will tell.Photo(32)

Have dyed and painted a beautiful piece of silk in blues to match her cut glass bodice and will use this I think to complete her wings. I just keeep turning up pieces that seem to WANT to be part of her.
That's a raw silk skirt I hand painted that she is wearing. The hair still has a way to go. :)

AND the mask.... well I've started a few of these... THEY ARE LOADS OF FUN!!!!!!
As with all of my artwork, these are made of recycled materials.
Not finished yet... lots more painting and paint washes to go yet, not to mention more STUFF to go on...... all in various stages of completion...
Photo(34)Photo(37) Photo(38) Most exciting recycled bit? I took an old toast rack apart with my Dremel... can you see it?    

New Toy... Bind It All!

Zutter I've been looking at this tool, the Bind it All by Zutter, for months, brought one on sale this week. :)
My plans is to make journals and sketch books out of old damaged books and things.
Been having loads of fun today experimenting.

I have picked up part sets of tarot and oracle cards over the years and NOW I've got something to do with them!

Love this book but didn't get the the centering of the holes right... oh well part of the Art Adventure :)