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Tarot Guild Talk - June

I have been invited to give a talk and guide a meditation at the June Tarot Guild Meeting! Very excited about thiAphrodite1s as the subject has been the base of my artwork for the past two years, given me direction and inspiration.

The Link is here: Tarot Guild of Australia
AND if you are in Sydney and have an interest in Tarot you are welcome to any of the meetings, check details on the site. The next two meetings feature Molly, who is one of the most interesting and masterful Tarot teachers I've met. Then Tea Leaf Reading with Anne Tomlinson! Can not wait for that.

Here's my little blurb and I've been asked to bring along a couple of my favorite Goddess Sculptures. Nooooo not for sale sorry... these are extremely precious to me.
YES Aphrodite is one who is coming along to join us.... 

Thursday 10th June Goddess Energy and the Tarot - Cheralyn Darcey 

As an artist and tradesperson in a male dominated field, I found my creative work and life enriched once I embraced the the energy, teachings and gifts of the Goddesses. A flow on effect has been that Tarot reading began to feel more intuitive and enriched for me. I will be giving a short talk about how to bring Goddess Energy into your life. We share a Journey Meditation to the home of a Goddess where we will be enlightened. Then I will share a Goddess Energy Tarot Spread.