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QUESTION re Faces and a Sad Day

Now THAT is a question I am happy to answer.Detailweb

I often get asked and was asked again yesterday a few times,
"But where do you find the faces for your sculptures?"
ANSWER: I don't find them... I make them.
I think people imagine I've stumbled upon a great doll factory dumping ground or burial plot?
But no... I form them out of clays.
Everything else is created from found objects and materials that I either leave as is or alter with finishes, paints etc.

OK NOW for the Sad Stuff...
I LOVE sharing... ideas, places I find my treasures, how I do what I do.
I also love sharing images of my work.
But I guess the day has come to drop a bit of my wide eyed innocence on this as I have found an image of my work selling on a greeting card. No not a copy of my work... it's my photo of one of my girls taken off my website and credited to someone else.
I guess because they thought I was nobody from Australia nothing would happen and I thank the person who brought it to my attention.
So now I have the tedious process of changing image sizes and putting watermark stamps on them. :(
Well u live and learn. :)

This one is a detail shot of "If I Was Made of Mirrors, What I Finally Like What I Saw" from my upcoming exhibition at Polymorph Gallery, Newtown.