Sculpture by the Sea anyone?
Where did THIS come from?!

Queen of Wands complete!

Qw5 As promised here she is with her VERY important addition.

The Queen of Wands
assemblage of found objects
45 x 24 x 24 cms
Cheralyn Darcey

wooden plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s, nails, pottery vase c1960s, twig, silk flowers and leaves, silver bell c 1970s, napkin rings c1980s, hand dyed silk, doll arms c1990s, aluminum offcuts, upholstery fabric swatch sample, crown pendant, Swarovski crystals, tartan ribbon, ruby red crystal, paint, modeling clay, adhesives, wire.
Next up in this series? The Empress! stay tuned. First piece... the Queen of Cups can be seen HERE


I couldn't believe my luck to find the pottery vase which is her base. I instantly thought is was perfect for my Queen of Wands with it's pattern.
I am a collector of sticks that I just like... I'm always making wands and staffs and well just like sticks in bundles around the house have no idea why... so the Queens' wand was actually a twig off one of my current bunch of sticks in the corner of my studio. I connect most strongly with this card so she was a real joy to create. Did freak out a few visitors with my dripping silk in the front garden while it was drying... sorry.