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Exhibition Girl from Body Mod... If My Hair Was Made of Flowers

Queen of Cups... complete!

Darceycups1 copy Oh how I love her!
First in my Tarot Sculptures and YES I am planning on ALL 78... eventually.
for now... I'm working through the Court Cards and a few Majors.

Darceycups4 As always my work is created from found objects, recycled things and reclaimed treasures... and you thought those  chipped teacups had to be thrown out.... SHAME ON YOU! .... :)

"Queen of Cups"
46 x 32 x 25cm

wooden plank - neighbours old veranda c1950s, china tea cup c1980s, clay vase c1970s, china tea cup c1960s, aluminum mesh, plastic fruit netting, metallic papers, miniature steel teapot c 1970s, doll arms, salt shaker lid c1960s, childs tea seat heart handle teaspoon and teacup, Japanese enamelled fish pendant, Swarovski crystals, star and moon bead, pearl necklace piece c1950s, heart bead, aluminum roof flashing, crown pendant, scallop shell, brass goblet c1970s, hand dyed silk, ribbon, paint, modeling clay, adhesives, wire.
Darceycups2 Dearceycups3