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Queen of Cups... complete!

Darceycups1 copy Oh how I love her!
First in my Tarot Sculptures and YES I am planning on ALL 78... eventually.
for now... I'm working through the Court Cards and a few Majors.

Darceycups4 As always my work is created from found objects, recycled things and reclaimed treasures... and you thought those  chipped teacups had to be thrown out.... SHAME ON YOU! .... :)

"Queen of Cups"
46 x 32 x 25cm

wooden plank - neighbours old veranda c1950s, china tea cup c1980s, clay vase c1970s, china tea cup c1960s, aluminum mesh, plastic fruit netting, metallic papers, miniature steel teapot c 1970s, doll arms, salt shaker lid c1960s, childs tea seat heart handle teaspoon and teacup, Japanese enamelled fish pendant, Swarovski crystals, star and moon bead, pearl necklace piece c1950s, heart bead, aluminum roof flashing, crown pendant, scallop shell, brass goblet c1970s, hand dyed silk, ribbon, paint, modeling clay, adhesives, wire.
Darceycups2 Dearceycups3

Shopping Time

I have started getting my little shop together.
There are my Tiny Goddess Poppets (with or without spells) available along with the occasional larger piece.
Poppets are only 12cm and shown here are Love (pink) and Joy (orange)
SDlove2At present I am working on my Tarot series and a selection of Goddess Masks and more Lost and Traditional Goddesses.  Looking for a place for these to sell in person at present but I may offer them online soon.


QUESTION re Faces and a Sad Day

Now THAT is a question I am happy to answer.Detailweb

I often get asked and was asked again yesterday a few times,
"But where do you find the faces for your sculptures?"
ANSWER: I don't find them... I make them.
I think people imagine I've stumbled upon a great doll factory dumping ground or burial plot?
But no... I form them out of clays.
Everything else is created from found objects and materials that I either leave as is or alter with finishes, paints etc.

OK NOW for the Sad Stuff...
I LOVE sharing... ideas, places I find my treasures, how I do what I do.
I also love sharing images of my work.
But I guess the day has come to drop a bit of my wide eyed innocence on this as I have found an image of my work selling on a greeting card. No not a copy of my work... it's my photo of one of my girls taken off my website and credited to someone else.
I guess because they thought I was nobody from Australia nothing would happen and I thank the person who brought it to my attention.
So now I have the tedious process of changing image sizes and putting watermark stamps on them. :(
Well u live and learn. :)

This one is a detail shot of "If I Was Made of Mirrors, What I Finally Like What I Saw" from my upcoming exhibition at Polymorph Gallery, Newtown.