It's Friday?

I defy ANYONE to not to feel uplifted after the opening bars!.... my ALL TIME favourite song... and yeah IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! :)  The Cure - Friday I'm In LoveUploaded by hushhush112. - Explore more music videos.
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Where did THIS come from?!

Mar 16
OK I'm going crazy I think now I'm feeling better. Maybe all my energy is returning to me all fired up with new outlooks and possibilities? In the middle of my latest Sculpture (which I'm keeping under wraps as she...
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Tarot Guild Talk - June

Mar 20
I have been invited to give a talk and guide a meditation at the June Tarot Guild Meeting! Very excited about thi s as the subject has been the base of my artwork for the past two years, given me...