Sneeky Peeky

Photo(17) Oh I don;t like to 'give it all away' before opening night....
Here's a sneeky peeky at one of my Princesses of Perfection, showing at the Annual Body Mod Exhibition at Polymorph, Newtown...
She's... "If I COULD Wear Size 2s Would I Still Have the Energy to Tie my Shoes?"Photo(18)
Photo(15) Photo(16)
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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There are Steampunk BANDS???!!!!!!

Feb 22 And so the excitement grows.... :)
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BIKE ANGEL... Number One complete!~

Feb 25
This one? "The Angel of the Tough Track" 52x 41 x 22 cm assemblage of found objects plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s, door lock c1920s, wine bottle, bike tyre, bike inner tube, bike rim & spokes, miniature bike wheel...