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Giacometti.gi A new world record was set this week when an Alberto Giacometti SCULPTURE -  "L'homme qui marche I", sold for $104.3 millionUS.  It was expected to bring between 20 and 30 million... mmm still not bad hey? Bidding opened at $19million and shot up when TEN bidders engaged in a 'furious' bidding war.
And the Sculpture? It's pretty awesome I think I would of thrown my spare mills in if I had some :)

If you are interested in the mechanics of the art world and these astronomical prices and how it all works... read this... actually a 'fun' read as well, not too dry at all.

Eye opening no matter where you stand on art.
You can get it from Oxford Art Supplies, Chatswood or Borders or Amazon
(this is the Aussie cover, it's different in the USA)

The break downs on the gallery system, exhibitions, museums and art shows is very informative. A little different in each country but you get the general idea of how it all works.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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