Back to Work

This week put everything behind for me... including having to work an extra day in my day job to make up for the Monday fiasco.
Thought I'd share a pic of me WORKING! I do have Fairies in my Studio but they  sit around drinking Absinthe and discussing art. They never clean or physically help, but they are rather nice still to have around.

THIS is a Dremel!!
Everyone asks... so here it is.....

And THIS is me a few days ago working on the Queen of Cups.
I use my Dremel mostly to cut metals. But it's an amazing tool that you seriously can cut just about ANYTHING with, as well as buff, polish, drill, sharpen chain saws (NOT kidding!), engrave with, the list goes on forever.
Don;t bother buying one of those kits with a million accessories. All can be brought separately and you REALLY won;t use all of them. Well that is unless it's a REALLY good pice or in a deal with the Dremel.
Fav at present? Has to be the Eze Lock Kit and Reinforced Metal Cutting Discs.
Bunnings has a great range in Australia.
That's a Dremel Multi Vise I'm using as well. It;s VERY good as it turns every which way.

I learn A LOT of my techniques via the internet. You Tube for example is awesome. ie cutting metal with a Dremel? Search for that exact topic in You Tube and you get dozens of video clips! There are forums and websites on EVERYTHING you will need. The internet's not just for Ebay and porn anymore people.  Use common sense and care and wear safety equipment! Yes it's annoying but not NEARLY as annoying as say bits of metal in your eye or a lost finger.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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