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February 2010

OK OK I'm a sucker for Pleading...

ONE more I tell you and THAT'S it until Opening Night... I'm in a GREAT mood ... here's MY favourite from this exhibition....


“If I Was Made of Mirrors, Would I Finally Like What I Saw?”
assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey

plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s, door lock c1920s, vodka bottle, shearers comb c1940s, silver nail polish bottle label, mirror tiles, mirror pieces, hand mirror, aluminum flashing, sequin waste, doll hands, modeling clays, wire, adhesives, paints, nails

Sometimes I think I'll stop making my gals and try something new... then I think.... NAHHHH there's too many left in me!! My silly mind keeps churning out new ones... NEXT WEEK... The QUEENS! of Wands and Cups... I told u they where coming!!!......


1 "The Angel of the Evening Ride"
40 x 40 x 22 cm
assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2010

plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s, door lock c1930s,  wine bottle, nails, bottling lid c1950s, bike rim & spokes, bike tyre, bike chain,  swarovski crystal,  aluminum flashing, modeling clays, adhesives, wire, paint

Print1 "The Angel of Weekend Cruising"
47 x 35 x 21cm
assemblage of found objects
Cheralyn Darcey 2010

plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s,
 door lock c1930s, wine bottle, handle grip c1980s,  bottling lid c1950s,
bike rim and spokes,bike bell c1980s, nails,
bike inner tube, swarovski crystal, aluminum flashing, miniature bike seat, modeling clays,
adhesives, wire, paint

BIKE ANGEL... Number One complete!~


This one?

"The Angel of the Tough Track"
52x 41 x 22 cm
assemblage of found objects

plank - neighbors old veranda c1950s, door lock c1920s, wine bottle, bike tyre, bike inner tube, bike rim & spokes, miniature bike wheel c1980s, ribbon, miniature bike caliper c1980s, nail, swarovski crystal, aluminum flashing, modeling clays, adhesives, wire, paint

PS.... As an artist you fall in love with certain pieces because they are pivotal in your journey. As an assemblage artist in particular, I'm always learning new techniques on the hop. Many I create myself out of need. Oh you want hair to look like THIS, but what looks like THAT? Or you want a dress to fall a certain way... how do you do it? Well nessecity really does become the mother of invention here and then what you learn, you go on and use on upcoming pieces. Again you just love a piece because you can really see for yourself that you are improving. There is a saying that every artist believes their recent piece to be the best one.
WELL all told I PAINED over this girl... she proved extra demanding but I have to say I ADORE her. I've created two new techniques and solved one major technical problem I was having. If she wasn't an Assemblage Angel I'd NEVER let her go! I just love the look of her to boot!!

Sneeky Peeky

Photo(17) Oh I don;t like to 'give it all away' before opening night....
Here's a sneeky peeky at one of my Princesses of Perfection, showing at the Annual Body Mod Exhibition at Polymorph, Newtown...
She's... "If I COULD Wear Size 2s Would I Still Have the Energy to Tie my Shoes?"Photo(18)
Photo(15) Photo(16)

Exhibition Opportunity - Art Melbourne & Art Sydney

SafeRedirect IF you are an emerging artist.... have a look at this opportunity...
The Melbourne deadline is looming, Sydney one is in July.

Off The Wall is searching for Australia’s next top artists!!!  Off The Wall is a national competition where ten artists will be selected from applications by a panel of industry experts.   Selected artists will be given the chance to exhibit their work at Melbourne’s largest annual art fair and enjoy being in the spotlight, gaining attention from curators, galleries, media and collectors while gaining exposure to over 15,000 art buying public.  75% of selected artists are picked up by commercial galleries.   The selected works are professionally curated and installed in this feature, dedicated to the promotion of emerging art.   Examples of selected artist’s work appear on our website, and in a full colour catalogue, generously donated by Art Almanac.   Applicants for Art Melbourne must be unrepresented in the state of Victoria, and all mediums and age groups are eligible.  Application Deadline for Art Melbourne is 1/3/10   Event date 22-25 April 2010  Notification of selection will go out via email by March 20   Application Fee: $50 or $35 student concession.   For more details and an application form, go to
PS... I'm emerging into a very pretty fairy with aqua wings just in case you where wondering.... :)

Opening Night - Immerse

Immerse Official Invite 2010 BIG rush home after work last night to get ready for Opening Night of IMMERSE at Depot II, Danks Street Waterloo.
Three really great friends who I've exhibited with in the past and an artist (Jarrah) from Byron Bay have put together a very thought provoking and beautiful show in Sydney.
Mostly large scale works, all with an environmental comment. Each was simply..... GREAT ART!
Get along THIS Saturday if you can to meet the artists or anytime until 28th.

Tuesday 16 – Sunday 28 February 2010

Immerse features emerging Australian artists Cade Turner, Matthew Weatherstone, Jarrah Johnson and Rachel Carroll who unite to create an exhibition experience that immerses the viewer in the beauty of the natural Australian environment, through large scale painting and photography, whilst also raising awareness to the fragility of the natural environment, and the need to preserve it for future generations.  Each Artist has chosen a specific location within Australia as their focus, including the Murray Darling River Basin, Tasmania, the Flinders Ranges and broader NSW.

Each artist will be donating an artwork to a silent auction for their chosen charity, the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) for their ongoing program to save the Red River Gum Trees of NSW. Officially opened by MP Ian Cohen from the Greens and a representative from the NPA, the exhibition aims to see Art, Science and Government united for a greener future.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Back to Work

This week put everything behind for me... including having to work an extra day in my day job to make up for the Monday fiasco.
Thought I'd share a pic of me WORKING! I do have Fairies in my Studio but they  sit around drinking Absinthe and discussing art. They never clean or physically help, but they are rather nice still to have around.

THIS is a Dremel!!
Everyone asks... so here it is.....

And THIS is me a few days ago working on the Queen of Cups.
I use my Dremel mostly to cut metals. But it's an amazing tool that you seriously can cut just about ANYTHING with, as well as buff, polish, drill, sharpen chain saws (NOT kidding!), engrave with, the list goes on forever.
Don;t bother buying one of those kits with a million accessories. All can be brought separately and you REALLY won;t use all of them. Well that is unless it's a REALLY good pice or in a deal with the Dremel.
Fav at present? Has to be the Eze Lock Kit and Reinforced Metal Cutting Discs.
Bunnings has a great range in Australia.
That's a Dremel Multi Vise I'm using as well. It;s VERY good as it turns every which way.

I learn A LOT of my techniques via the internet. You Tube for example is awesome. ie cutting metal with a Dremel? Search for that exact topic in You Tube and you get dozens of video clips! There are forums and websites on EVERYTHING you will need. The internet's not just for Ebay and porn anymore people.  Use common sense and care and wear safety equipment! Yes it's annoying but not NEARLY as annoying as say bits of metal in your eye or a lost finger.