Soul Collage

Crow Another thing I say YES to and will not be culling is SoulCollage.
I went to workshop run by the inspirational Suzanne Naseby here in here Sydney last year and am looking forward to doing more this year.
It's a brilliant concept and I highly recommend the  book - SoulCollage and getting along to a workshop.
Imagine creating a deck of cards from your own inner wisdom. Oh and did I mention COLLAGE?!
I'll be posting my new cards here from time to time.
Here's a couple I made earlier :)
Soul Collage Cards are 5 x 7"
sorry not for sale that goes against the essence of the creation of these, not to mention copyright issues.

Companion - Crow

I am the One who holds your words.
Your communicator friend. Words and ideas flow from my sails
and are held carefully when needed.
I am the one who bestows the gifts of expression.
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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