New Year... New Work... New Look

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
I DID take a well earned break the past few weeks as it was it crazy there the last few months of '09!!
Exhibitions, Commissions and Life.Everything1
Back in the Studio....
I'm excited again and ready to get into it. Next exhibition is in March at Newtown and I PROMISE that new jewelery will be at Red Olive in Balgowlah SOON... :)
Fresh of the bench this week...
"Everything Spring and New"
assemblage necklace

(sorry they go quick these day)

YearI love making jewelery as a warm up to creating my sculptures. I also find so many unloved gems and jewelery pieces when I'm out hunting for things for my larger work. They get the sparks ignited as soon as I see them!

What's next for 2010?
RIGHT now I'm working on my first series "Traditional Goddesses" these are such a natural progression for me and I'm really loving the whole process.
I know I've promised pics in the past but unfortunately Christmas commissions got in the way... you will see them NEXT week. :)
I'm also working on miniatures! this has been so exciting and FRUSTRATING! lol

AND even more exciting, I am being interviewed by an International Pagan Magazine. They are featuring my work and I'm doing the cover as well! Next months' issue, so links soon.

AND... I'm changing the look of my website and blog for 2010... think it's time to freshen up the place with new paint. I also hope to start doing mini lessons on here soon. So HAPPY NEW YEAR and  stay tuned.

"The Secrets of Every Year"
assemblage necklace
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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