New TShirt Time... Reflection

I LOVE making these and wearing them...

ReflectionRB Available at Red Bubble
in lots of colours and styles

This one is created from an Assemblage of mine featuring a metal film reel, pressed glass window panels, and a locket.

It is from  the "Humanity in a Moment" exhibition Mary Place Galllery,  Paddington, 2009.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Birth of a Goddess

Jan 30
Started Traditional Goddess number two yesterday... whoever guesses which she is first will get a special treat!.....A Tiny Goddess of choice. :) Waiting for all those adhesives to dry and will attach arms and sculpt head in the morning. Meanwhile...
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Ok... maybe ONE day :)

Feb 5
A new world record was set this week when an Alberto Giacometti SCULPTURE - "L'homme qui marche I", sold for $104.3 millionUS. It was expected to bring between 20 and 30 million... mmm still not bad hey? Bidding opened at...