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Birth of a Goddess

My First Magazine Cover!

Aphroditedarcey1 VERY excited about this one!!! I was interviewed and given the honor of the cover of a new American magazine "Pagan Edge"
One of my upcoming exhibitions this year takes my Lost 'Fictional' Goddesses to where I have wanted them to go for a while now. I am excited to share the news that I have been  working on a series of traditional Goddesses for an exhibition later this year in Manly. After accepting the opportunity to be interviewed by Pagan Edge, I got the inspiration to complete my first "Aphrodite, My Love" for their February issue.
AND after the last Pagans in the Pub meeting, decided to donate her to the Pagan Community Weekend where she will be used to raise funds for Beyond Blue.

Aphrodite, My Love
mixed media assemblage
57x 23x 21cm

 hardwood base - my neighbor's old verandac1950s, glass wine carafe c1970s, gold filigree earrings c1990s, hand dyed and painted pure silk, modeling clays, doll arms, sea shells, pearls c1960s, pearls c1980s, paint, wire

I've been VERY excited about releasing these photos Photo(2)but promised to keep her under wraps until the magazine was out.
You can go to the website of the magazine and read the article online at

Working on my next Goddess right now. These are just an amazing joy to create and YES very very hard to part with. Whoever ends up with Aphrodite better love her like I do! :) Oh and if you would still like her to be part of the Manly exhibition on loan I'd love to have her, the choice is yours.