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January 2010

Birth of a Goddess

Photo(4) Started Traditional Goddess number two yesterday... whoever guesses which she is first will get a special treat!.....A Tiny Goddess of choice. :)
Waiting for all those adhesives to dry and will attach arms and sculpt head in the morning.


Meanwhile I'm busy dying silk for my Tiny Goddesses and Spell Dolls........

My First Magazine Cover!

Aphroditedarcey1 VERY excited about this one!!! I was interviewed and given the honor of the cover of a new American magazine "Pagan Edge"
One of my upcoming exhibitions this year takes my Lost 'Fictional' Goddesses to where I have wanted them to go for a while now. I am excited to share the news that I have been  working on a series of traditional Goddesses for an exhibition later this year in Manly. After accepting the opportunity to be interviewed by Pagan Edge, I got the inspiration to complete my first "Aphrodite, My Love" for their February issue.
AND after the last Pagans in the Pub meeting, decided to donate her to the Pagan Community Weekend where she will be used to raise funds for Beyond Blue.

Aphrodite, My Love
mixed media assemblage
57x 23x 21cm

 hardwood base - my neighbor's old verandac1950s, glass wine carafe c1970s, gold filigree earrings c1990s, hand dyed and painted pure silk, modeling clays, doll arms, sea shells, pearls c1960s, pearls c1980s, paint, wire

I've been VERY excited about releasing these photos Photo(2)but promised to keep her under wraps until the magazine was out.
You can go to the website of the magazine and read the article online at

Working on my next Goddess right now. These are just an amazing joy to create and YES very very hard to part with. Whoever ends up with Aphrodite better love her like I do! :) Oh and if you would still like her to be part of the Manly exhibition on loan I'd love to have her, the choice is yours.

Say no to a few CafeCappoLattes & Buy ART!

Fellow Beaches Artist and friend, Angela Van Boxtel is on a mission and I'm excited.Ang
She is totally "passionate about reawakening a feel for art" As she explains, "For the price of putting a cuppa of coffee money away each can purchase beautiful affordable art at the end of a year."
She will choose at random 30 people, sit down and have a cup of coffee with them (their shout and in Manly) and give them a piece of her Art. Her project takes place from 29 Jan till 28 Feb.
Want to swap a coffee and chat with an amazingly inspirational Artist and own a piece of her Art?

Of course you do!!!! Email her
at: [email protected]

Think about what you spend on clothes, makeup etc per month!! Angela is leading the push for people to revalue art. I agree wholeheartedly with her when she says, " As you know how a piece of art can really talk to you and probably make you much more happy than most other material it's rare nowadays to find a 'soul' in a product."

Tiny Dolls and Little Spells

SDlove2 Ah had to happen...
These little sweeties have been in the sketch book and on the bench for MONTHS and MONTHS!
My 'Big Girls" are so magickal to me and I wanted to take it a little further.
SO........... 'drink me'
TAH DAH.....
Spell and Goddess Dolls
*made from unwanted recycled materials
*created with magickal intent
*completely handmade by me
*feature a hand dyed pure silk cape

The Pink one here is a Goddess Doll "Aphrodite"
the Light Blue (sorry looks a little Aqua on screen) is a Spell Doll "Peace"
They stand approx. 12cm high

These are little different to traditional person based Poppets.
Poppets are created to look like the person for whom the spell is being created, a bit like voodoo dolls. I did 'toy' with still calling mine Poppets but think this will lead to a bit of misinformation SDpeace1and confusion.
I have drawn faces which are representative to me of various deities.


Although they look a little similar, The Goddess Dolls do not contain Spells, the Spell Dolls, of course do! The spell within is created from herbs, crystals, symbols with  instructions & suggestions for use and care.

I'll have a selection of these available at my new exhibition in March in Newtown... can't wait? Email me ;) [email protected]

Soul Collage

Crow Another thing I say YES to and will not be culling is SoulCollage.
I went to workshop run by the inspirational Suzanne Naseby here in here Sydney last year and am looking forward to doing more this year.
It's a brilliant concept and I highly recommend the  book - SoulCollage and getting along to a workshop.
Imagine creating a deck of cards from your own inner wisdom. Oh and did I mention COLLAGE?!
I'll be posting my new cards here from time to time.
Here's a couple I made earlier :)
Soul Collage Cards are 5 x 7"
sorry not for sale that goes against the essence of the creation of these, not to mention copyright issues.

Companion - Crow

I am the One who holds your words.
Your communicator friend. Words and ideas flow from my sails
and are held carefully when needed.
I am the one who bestows the gifts of expression.

Hello from a very Slack Blogger

OK so I've been a VERY slack blogger... should of made THAT my New Years Resolution! Been VERY VERY busy making art, working, living :) and catching up... I swear at present I don't have a spare 10mins in a day. Think I need to start saying no to a few things.
What I am saying YES to is my daughters AMAZING artwork...
She is in her very first exhibition in Newtown in March, her goal is to make it into Sydney Uni next year -  Sydney College of the Arts to study a degree in Fine Art.
This is A3 unframed, graphite on paper... no title yet.. Exhibition is called "Rehash - Body Modification"
2003 01 16 008

Book Love - The Creativity Book


Creatibity book

 I'm not a person who gets stuck with getting the creative fires started or coming up with ideas but I have A TERRIBLE time organizing myself, deciding on what to keep and what to ditch. I end up with 5 things going and deadlines making me crazy!
The Creativity Book is awesome, great tools to sort your creative life out, ways to develop your work and style and out of the box exercises to get you out of your comfy studio corner.
It's perfect to fire up, to get you organized and to keep you going.|
The exercises are simple and easy to fit in to your life (believe me I have NO time and I can do it!) and the background on what you are going to achieve for the current week is well explained and inspiring.
I got it for my Kindle but it's also available in hard copy.



New Year... New Work... New Look

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
I DID take a well earned break the past few weeks as it was it crazy there the last few months of '09!!
Exhibitions, Commissions and Life.Everything1
Back in the Studio....
I'm excited again and ready to get into it. Next exhibition is in March at Newtown and I PROMISE that new jewelery will be at Red Olive in Balgowlah SOON... :)
Fresh of the bench this week...
"Everything Spring and New"
assemblage necklace

(sorry they go quick these day)

YearI love making jewelery as a warm up to creating my sculptures. I also find so many unloved gems and jewelery pieces when I'm out hunting for things for my larger work. They get the sparks ignited as soon as I see them!

What's next for 2010?
RIGHT now I'm working on my first series "Traditional Goddesses" these are such a natural progression for me and I'm really loving the whole process.
I know I've promised pics in the past but unfortunately Christmas commissions got in the way... you will see them NEXT week. :)
I'm also working on miniatures! this has been so exciting and FRUSTRATING! lol

AND even more exciting, I am being interviewed by an International Pagan Magazine. They are featuring my work and I'm doing the cover as well! Next months' issue, so links soon.

AND... I'm changing the look of my website and blog for 2010... think it's time to freshen up the place with new paint. I also hope to start doing mini lessons on here soon. So HAPPY NEW YEAR and  stay tuned.

"The Secrets of Every Year"
assemblage necklace