Tiny Dolls and Little Spells

SDlove2 Ah had to happen...
These little sweeties have been in the sketch book and on the bench for MONTHS and MONTHS!
My 'Big Girls" are so magickal to me and I wanted to take it a little further.
SO........... 'drink me'
TAH DAH.....
Spell and Goddess Dolls
*made from unwanted recycled materials
*created with magickal intent
*completely handmade by me
*feature a hand dyed pure silk cape

The Pink one here is a Goddess Doll "Aphrodite"
the Light Blue (sorry looks a little Aqua on screen) is a Spell Doll "Peace"
They stand approx. 12cm high

These are little different to traditional person based Poppets.
Poppets are created to look like the person for whom the spell is being created, a bit like voodoo dolls. I did 'toy' with still calling mine Poppets but think this will lead to a bit of misinformation SDpeace1and confusion.
I have drawn faces which are representative to me of various deities.


Although they look a little similar, The Goddess Dolls do not contain Spells, the Spell Dolls, of course do! The spell within is created from herbs, crystals, symbols with  instructions & suggestions for use and care.

I'll have a selection of these available at my new exhibition in March in Newtown... can't wait? Email me ;) cheralyn@hotmail.com

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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