This Week.....

Very quiet.... those close to me know why. Things should be back on track this week. Awesome toSketch2 have my boy home... SO GOOD!... all good positive thoughts and hopes for his mate... we all pray he will be home soon too.
I'm busy making jewellery, catching up on orders and settling into the new part time job... who knew it would be SO much fun and so rewarding. Love helping people with their projects and it's a really friendly, nice place to just be in.
A ray of sunshine in a dark few weeks! Tempting to even work full time again! But NO got to have art time. Working on January Exhibition... something a bit different. News soon.

As mentioned before... the lovely phone bloke erased my sim card when I upgraded my phone a few weeks ago so I am missing a few people. Text me if you want/need to be on my phone. Same number :)
I'm looking for Lisa in particular... your necklaces are READY!

Itching to paint again... here we go... lol why can't I just settled down! Sketching sketching....
REALLY want to do some mixed media portraits... collage style.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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