New piece... a Prezzie!

OH I found the RIGHT piece for this new necklace AT LAST! Wanted a crystal in an old setting and put my positive thoughts out there. Found it today.  People always ask me how I find all the pieces that 'fit' together to make my sculptures and jewellery.  I can't answer that. I really don't know.K1 A lot of the time I need to cut things apart to get the right bit that I need, sometimes it's perfect as is. At the risk of sounding all metaphysical, I truly do just come upon the 'right thing when I need it.  Sometime I see things and just 'know' I have to get them and then within a short time they seem perfect for a new project. Never found, brought or been given anything that I haven't been able to use and I've never been stumped on a project, the right thing seems to turn up with a few days when I need it. I think the world is a giant jigsaw assemblage to assemblage artists. As well as being able to construct, we can just as easily deconstruct and 'see' the endless possibilities in everything.

For a very special person...

"Angels, my friend, are for Everyone"
found art assemblage necklace
8cm x 8cm

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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This Week.....

Dec 13
Very quiet.... those close to me know why. Things should be back on track this week. Awesome to have my boy home... SO GOOD!... all good positive thoughts and hopes for his mate... we all pray he will be home...
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Sneeky Peeks...

Dec 20
Oh BUT I have been working hard... Here is a little taste of the new range available at Red Olive Balgowlah in the new year