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December 2009

A New Joy!

I got THE best prezzi for my birthday in August... 7! 7As in George Costanza Seven... :)

My awesome Boxer. Oh of course I still adore and love Gypsy but she has always been someone else's dog. Soooo the last week I've been teaching her to run with me and she's a natural. No stopping, no lead pulling, just great pace running with the odd Boxer grin.  We do 5kms most mornings, she looks like she's power walking with those long legs compared to me!

It's so much fun running with a dog!!

And yeah it IS a great name.... lol

New piece... a Prezzie!

OH I found the RIGHT piece for this new necklace AT LAST! Wanted a crystal in an old setting and put my positive thoughts out there. Found it today.  People always ask me how I find all the pieces that 'fit' together to make my sculptures and jewellery.  I can't answer that. I really don't know.K1 A lot of the time I need to cut things apart to get the right bit that I need, sometimes it's perfect as is. At the risk of sounding all metaphysical, I truly do just come upon the 'right thing when I need it.  Sometime I see things and just 'know' I have to get them and then within a short time they seem perfect for a new project. Never found, brought or been given anything that I haven't been able to use and I've never been stumped on a project, the right thing seems to turn up with a few days when I need it. I think the world is a giant jigsaw assemblage to assemblage artists. As well as being able to construct, we can just as easily deconstruct and 'see' the endless possibilities in everything.

For a very special person...

"Angels, my friend, are for Everyone"
found art assemblage necklace
8cm x 8cm

This Week.....

Very quiet.... those close to me know why. Things should be back on track this week. Awesome toSketch2 have my boy home... SO GOOD!... all good positive thoughts and hopes for his mate... we all pray he will be home soon too.
I'm busy making jewellery, catching up on orders and settling into the new part time job... who knew it would be SO much fun and so rewarding. Love helping people with their projects and it's a really friendly, nice place to just be in.
A ray of sunshine in a dark few weeks! Tempting to even work full time again! But NO got to have art time. Working on January Exhibition... something a bit different. News soon.

As mentioned before... the lovely phone bloke erased my sim card when I upgraded my phone a few weeks ago so I am missing a few people. Text me if you want/need to be on my phone. Same number :)
I'm looking for Lisa in particular... your necklaces are READY!

Itching to paint again... here we go... lol why can't I just settled down! Sketching sketching....
REALLY want to do some mixed media portraits... collage style.

A Christmas Assemblage Dream Angel Available

DinnerS Ohhhhhh yes! I made one and if you want her, like all my Dream Angels the only way you can get her is by supporting a GREAT cause. This one is Tour De Cure through Energize Health Club. These guys and girls are riding from Brisbane to Cairns in May to raise money in the fight to find a cure for cancer.
She is up for auction at the Energize Health Club Christmas Party Thursday 1oth December and if you can't be there but would like to place a bid ring the club BEFORE 4pm tommorrow 9452 2288 Ask for Stacey.
She is approx 45cm high
“Angel of Beautiful Beginnings”

assemblage sculpture of found objects
glass vase c1960s, lace trim from napkins c1960s,
porcelain vase c1960s, salt shaker c1950s,
cigarette tin c1930s, modeling clays, paints, adhesives,
wire, cheese knives, spoon handles c1950s,
glass napkin ring c1950s, cake fork c1950s,
silk flowers, ribbon, wood slab neighbours old verandah

There is also a new necklace on auction which features one of my rare Omega watch cogs from the 1930s and a 1950s German brass stamping.

“A Clockwork Romance”

assemblage of found objects
 German brass stamping c1950s, CZ watch band c1990s,
flyscreen mesh c1970s from a home in Balmain,
 Omega watch cog c1930s,
balance of materials c2009
not a great pic sorry! From my phone. There are two more CZ on that drop.

TODAY... I'm exhibiting at the MANLY OCEAN CARE FESTIVAL.... in the Exhibitiors tent, Ocean Beach End, The Corso Manly. 10am to 5pm. Special Christmas prices, new pieces and the chance to win a doll for Christmas. I will be making a Christmas Angel for one lucky person... all you have to do is join my mailing list.