The Queens of Subversion - "She Got ALL the Answers?"

Answers1 "Subversive" Polymorph Gallery, Enmore Road, Newtown 1st - 27th December 2009

For this exhibition I've created a series...
"Queens of Subversion"

More photos today!

“She’s Got ALL the Answers?”
assemblage of found objects
47 x 21 x17cm
Wood base– neighbors’ unwanted verandah, round wood piece – HMAS Penguin Navy Annex Pittwater c1930s, ceramic lamp base c1960s, silver plated wine goblet c1950s, doll face, teaspoon c1950s, ribbon, silk flowers, skull – resin, shearer’s comb c1930s, pearls, doll arms, Trivial Pursuit game pieces c1980s, Swarovski crystals, adhesives, wire, paint