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November 2009

The Queens of Subversion - "She Got ALL the Answers?"

Answers1 "Subversive" Polymorph Gallery, Enmore Road, Newtown 1st - 27th December 2009

For this exhibition I've created a series...
"Queens of Subversion"

More photos today!

“She’s Got ALL the Answers?”
assemblage of found objects
47 x 21 x17cm
Wood base– neighbors’ unwanted verandah, round wood piece – HMAS Penguin Navy Annex Pittwater c1930s, ceramic lamp base c1960s, silver plated wine goblet c1950s, doll face, teaspoon c1950s, ribbon, silk flowers, skull – resin, shearer’s comb c1930s, pearls, doll arms, Trivial Pursuit game pieces c1980s, Swarovski crystals, adhesives, wire, paint


GROPE SHOW - "The Desirable Unexpected"

The Desirable Unexpected DETAIL

I have been looking for excuse to get my assemblage dolls interacting... the Grope Show is it.

A no theme, anything goes show... the poster got me in... I went with it. I'm a sucker for skeletons, B Grade Horror and Sci Fi flicks!


"Grope", 27 Dick Street, Chippendale
Opening Night: Wednesday, November 25
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

23th November - 30th November 2009

The Desirable Unexpected

I'll have four pieces in this show and 10 of my assemblage necklaces in their store.

Excited/nervous/crazy re a new show!!!!!!!!!

November - December Exhibitions

Ok here's the list of where I'm showing until the end of the year....

Manly Festival of Surfing
5 - 27th November 2009
fullsize surfboard

 Polymorph Gallery  Enmore Road, Newtown
10th - 29th November
*series 4 assembled absinth fairy assemblage dolls

"Ocean Care Festival" link soon
Artist Marquee Exhibition, Manly Beach
Sunday 6 th December
2009,  11am  - 5pm
*series of 6 Found Beauty Queen assemblage dolls

"Grope" link soon, 27 Dick Street, Chippendale
Opening Night: Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
23th November - 30th November 2009
*a series of 4 assemblages of desire dolls in the gallery
and a selection of found art jewellery necklaces in the store

"Subversion" link soon
Polymorph Gallery Enmore Road, Newtown
1st -
27th December  2009
*series 4 lost player assemblage dolls

Absinth in Paris

Created for the Opening Night at Polymorph...

Paris3 "Absinth in Paris"
assemblage pendant of found objects
11 x 12cm on an adjustable 36cm chain
teaspoon c 1950s, pearl c 1950s, Paris brooch,
silver leaves, olive Swarovski crystal flowers
 and stones c1980s,enamel leaves, chains, wire, jump rings.

I am going to have a new range available in the next week. Look out here for details... is this for sale?
Not sure yet! lol
The problem with my pieces is that I can't replicate them as they are made from found objects!
I LOVE this necklace to bits :)

Absinthe Friends

Another going into the "Bitten" Exhibition at Polymorph, Newtown, next week.
Absinthefriends5 Absinthfriend6 "Absinthe Friends"
56 x 28 x 22 cm
found object assemblage
wire, leather drive belt c1930s, silk flowers, emerald crystal, nails,
silk leaves, silver plated wine goblet c1950s, bottling tin lid c1950s,
wooden box, light fitting c1970s, brass vase c1960s,
locket c1970s, chain, doll arms c1990s, hand dyed silk,
aluminium roof flashing, silver plated candle stick c1940s,
skull, modeling clays, paint, adhesives. 

LOVING creating for this exhibition... especially the research... empty Absinthe bottle coming up next!