Where to See the Artboard Surfboard....

Ok Galactic Gidgets and Lost Atlantis Surfer Dudes...
 As of THIS Monday coming you will be able to take a look at THE Assemblage Surfboard I created for the Manly Festival of Surfing at......After

Home and Wardrobe,
Sydney Road, Manly
ph: 8966 9965
Mon 2nd to Mon 9th November

Hey these guys also have  lots of clothing and things to love... no wonder they got my board!
Check out other stores around Manly for the other 29 AMAZING Artboards, all created to celebrate the Manly Festival of Surfing and to raise funds for the Disabled Surfers Association and Surfaid.

mine is top row, third along

Point to note... although it looks like an
aged rusty board, I have recreated it with fine
art paints and mediums.
It is sealed and won't keep aging to dust.
Well if you take it out to catch a wave,
all bets are off, you are on your own. :)

More auction info...
The auction is on now (follow link above)
This will then be followed by a live auction on
Monday 30 November Level 2, The Steyne Hotel – pop this in you diary now! (I'll get the time from the organizers soon)

Online bids close the day of the live auction.

The highest,online bidders can only be gazumped if a higher bid is received in person at the live auction event.

  • Boards generously donated by Global Surf Industries
  • Cunninghams Property Auctioneer
  • Artists created 30 surfboard art pieces and donated
  • Boards will be displayed in Manly shop windows for 7 days
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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