Reclaimed Rock Goddess... Number ONE

SOOOOOOOOOO excited to have a bit of time to start my Rock Goddesses.

Stevie1"Stevie Nicks"
assemblage sculpture
brass enamel Egyptian plate c1970s, Copperart  candlestick
c1980s, bed spring c1950s, copper light fitting cover c1970s,
hand dyed silk, silver plated egg cup c1960s, jet bead earring
c1980s, silk flowers, modeling clay, wire, adhesives, brass
etched bowl c1950s, paint, silver plated candlestick c1960s,
Stevie Nicks 45" record c1989

Stevie is on display at the Art Market Exhibition along with a few other friends (Lost Goddesses and Beauty Queens) Queenscliff Surf Club
until Monday 5th October 10 - 5pm each day.
Next Rock Goddess has begun!...
Deborah Harry.... followed closely by Suzi Quatro & ofcourse Siouxsie Sioux
and Disco Queen number one.... Donna Summer!

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bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Our Queenscliff space... come on down!

Oct 4
We are there today 10am to 5pm and Monday the same.... nice and dry and warm :) Queenscliff Surf Club, Queenscliff Beach, near the Lagoon bridge.
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Manly Festival of Surfing ARTBOARD... the backside

Oct 6
Sorry... can't help it... cue the theme from 2001 a Space Odyssey please... Down to the wire NOW... three exhibitions in as many weeks and a Surfboard to preform a little bit of alchemy with... BIG MONTH! The colours are...