Manly Festival of Surfing ARTBOARD... the backside

Sorry... can't help it... cue the theme from 2001 a Space Odyssey please...

Down to the wire NOW... three exhibitions in as many weeks and a Surfboard to preform a little bit of alchemy with... BIG MONTH!
The colours are not as harsh as these photos depict... would twiddled around in photoshop BUT I'M BUSY! :)

These photos are of the back only... I'm busting to show you the front... but... it's not finished!
Guess who's a VERY busy girl today?????

It's got to be in tomorrow!

This is just one of the Artboards being created by invited artists for the
Manly Festival of Surfing
5th - 8th November 2009

The boards will be displayed in Manly Corso shop windows during the festival and auctioned with all proceeds going to
Disabled Surfers Association

Promise you can see her front tomorrow :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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The Flipside!

Oct 8
Ta DAH!!!!!!!!!! Manly Festival of Surfing 2009 ARTBOARD A lost surfboard drifts the oceans for unrecordable time, found by 'someone', 'somewhere'. The perfect platform for a new unimaginable purpose. Refound today in Manly.