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October 2009

Where to See the Artboard Surfboard....

Ok Galactic Gidgets and Lost Atlantis Surfer Dudes...
 As of THIS Monday coming you will be able to take a look at THE Assemblage Surfboard I created for the Manly Festival of Surfing at......After

Home and Wardrobe,
Sydney Road, Manly
ph: 8966 9965
Mon 2nd to Mon 9th November

Hey these guys also have  lots of clothing and things to love... no wonder they got my board!
Check out other stores around Manly for the other 29 AMAZING Artboards, all created to celebrate the Manly Festival of Surfing and to raise funds for the Disabled Surfers Association and Surfaid.

mine is top row, third along

Point to note... although it looks like an
aged rusty board, I have recreated it with fine
art paints and mediums.
It is sealed and won't keep aging to dust.
Well if you take it out to catch a wave,
all bets are off, you are on your own. :)

More auction info...
The auction is on now (follow link above)
This will then be followed by a live auction on
Monday 30 November Level 2, The Steyne Hotel – pop this in you diary now! (I'll get the time from the organizers soon)

Online bids close the day of the live auction.

The highest,online bidders can only be gazumped if a higher bid is received in person at the live auction event.

  • Boards generously donated by Global Surf Industries
  • Cunninghams Property Auctioneer
  • Artists created 30 surfboard art pieces and donated
  • Boards will be displayed in Manly shop windows for 7 days

Absinthe Makes the Art Grow Fonder

Cheralyndarcey1  About six months ago, I made my very first assemblage doll. It was love at first sight, it was natural to do, exhilarating and a damn lot of fun.  I've tried many different mediums in my life... I started as a painter when I was in my teens, acrylics, dabbled in oils, then it was pastels for over 20 years. One day I moved to oil pastels and that lead to mixed media and collage. In 2000 I began experimenting in assemblage sculpture and although of course an artists' journey never is over, there is always something more to learn, experience and do, I really feel I've found something very special to me in these dolls.
Funny for a girl that has never liked dolls at all... maybe I always needed to create my own.
I am making 4 Absinthe Fairies for the Bitten Exhibition at Polymorph Gallery. Opens 10th November...

This is number one...

"Absinthe Makes the Art Grow Fonder"
61 x 38 x 20cm
cigarette boxes c1930s, glass vase c1960s, silver plated champagne flute c1980s, copper light shade c1970s, silver plated sugar bowl c1950s, silver plated candle stick c1960s, silver plated egg cup c1940s, absinthe spoon, hand dyed silk, mirror, carved wood heart, silk flowers, silk ribbons, fishing line, pearl beads, crystal hearts, doll hands Mattel Barbie c1980s, Swarovski emerald crystal drop bead, hand dyed muslin cloth, adhesives, screws, texture mediums, modeling clays, paints, wire.Cheralyndarcey1detail

Bitten Exhibition 10th November

Nooooo haven't been resting been busy busy BUSY!
I am part of the upcoming "Bitten" exhibtion at PolyMorph Gallery
level 1 - 7/82 Enmore Road, Newtown. Opens 10th November

Very excited about this as it's my first time 'out' over the bridge... AKA "HOME!" to me.
Girls? You betcha... you asked for it... FAIRIES... pics will have to wait... sneeky peeky Friday

This week....

Having a quiet week... you can tell... no blogging :)
Cleaning up the studio after the massive art craziness of the past month and getting on with my new Assemblage Doll series now, "Rock Goddesses". YES I am making Siouxsie Sioux but the question is can I part with her?  Maybe not. Sorry. Pics in a couple of days.
Stayed tuned for details on where my Artboard Surfboard will be on display during the Festival of Surfing. I miss him in my studio :(
Just been invited to join in on the Artists outside for Oceancare Day, December 5th. I'll be creating somewhere on the walkway to Shelley Beach. More details soon... going to see if I can do Assemblage instead of paint this time. :) Hey everyone can drop junk on my table and I can come up with something. Sounds like massive fun to me.
Found this... credit to whoever made it... STILL laughing my guts up.Goth 

I'm in the process of looking for something to wear for a certain someones' 50th...
Thought I should be more conservative...
The little birdies came along

The Flipside!

Surf1 Ta DAH!!!!!!!!!!Surf4






Manly Festival of Surfing 2009

A lost surfboard drifts the oceans for
unrecordable time,
found by 'someone', 'somewhere'.
The perfect platform for a new
unimaginable purpose.  
Refound today in Manly.





Manly Festival of Surfing ARTBOARD... the backside

Sorry... can't help it... cue the theme from 2001 a Space Odyssey please...

Down to the wire NOW... three exhibitions in as many weeks and a Surfboard to preform a little bit of alchemy with... BIG MONTH!
The colours are not as harsh as these photos depict... would twiddled around in photoshop BUT I'M BUSY! :)

These photos are of the back only... I'm busting to show you the front... but... it's not finished!
Guess who's a VERY busy girl today?????

It's got to be in tomorrow!

This is just one of the Artboards being created by invited artists for the
Manly Festival of Surfing
5th - 8th November 2009

The boards will be displayed in Manly Corso shop windows during the festival and auctioned with all proceeds going to
Disabled Surfers Association

Promise you can see her front tomorrow :)

Reclaimed Rock Goddess... Number ONE

SOOOOOOOOOO excited to have a bit of time to start my Rock Goddesses.

Stevie1"Stevie Nicks"
assemblage sculpture
brass enamel Egyptian plate c1970s, Copperart  candlestick
c1980s, bed spring c1950s, copper light fitting cover c1970s,
hand dyed silk, silver plated egg cup c1960s, jet bead earring
c1980s, silk flowers, modeling clay, wire, adhesives, brass
etched bowl c1950s, paint, silver plated candlestick c1960s,
Stevie Nicks 45" record c1989

Stevie is on display at the Art Market Exhibition along with a few other friends (Lost Goddesses and Beauty Queens) Queenscliff Surf Club
until Monday 5th October 10 - 5pm each day.
Next Rock Goddess has begun!...
Deborah Harry.... followed closely by Suzi Quatro & ofcourse Siouxsie Sioux
and Disco Queen number one.... Donna Summer!

my website link...

Exhibition THIS Weekend

I'm exhibiting again this weekend with my Art Tree buds...

My work is there all weekend and I will be there a few hours Saturday morning, then Sunday till 2pm and Monday afternoon.
So what will you see?
check out for a preview of all the other artists
Me? Well I will have a mixed selection of my Assemblage Dolls... Lost Goddesses, Found Beauty Queens and a premiere doll in my new series... Returned Rock Goddesses "Stevie Nicks". All are priced between $145 and $195.

STOP PRESS NEWS.... Just got offered the opportunity to hold at solo show next year at Polymorph Gallery, Newtown and I'm the books for group shows they curate... Champagne anyone? I'm excited!
This will be my very first solo and EXACTLY where I want to do it!