Bitten Exhibition 10th November

Nooooo haven't been resting been busy busy BUSY!
I am part of the upcoming "Bitten" exhibtion at PolyMorph Gallery
level 1 - 7/82 Enmore Road, Newtown. Opens 10th November

Very excited about this as it's my first time 'out' over the bridge... AKA "HOME!" to me.
Girls? You betcha... you asked for it... FAIRIES... pics will have to wait... sneeky peeky Friday

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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This week....

Oct 16
Having a quiet week... you can tell... no blogging :) Cleaning up the studio after the massive art craziness of the past month and getting on with my new Assemblage Doll series now, "Rock Goddesses". YES I am making Siouxsie...
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Absinthe Fairies

Oct 26
Here we go... Number one in my series for the Polymorph Gallery Bitten Exhibition... (not here yet?... pic is being uploaded Tuesday 27th... patience!)... ok ok blurry seeky peek