Absinthe Makes the Art Grow Fonder

Cheralyndarcey1  About six months ago, I made my very first assemblage doll. It was love at first sight, it was natural to do, exhilarating and a damn lot of fun.  I've tried many different mediums in my life... I started as a painter when I was in my teens, acrylics, dabbled in oils, then it was pastels for over 20 years. One day I moved to oil pastels and that lead to mixed media and collage. In 2000 I began experimenting in assemblage sculpture and although of course an artists' journey never is over, there is always something more to learn, experience and do, I really feel I've found something very special to me in these dolls.
Funny for a girl that has never liked dolls at all... maybe I always needed to create my own.
I am making 4 Absinthe Fairies for the Bitten Exhibition at Polymorph Gallery. Opens 10th November...

This is number one...

"Absinthe Makes the Art Grow Fonder"
61 x 38 x 20cm
cigarette boxes c1930s, glass vase c1960s, silver plated champagne flute c1980s, copper light shade c1970s, silver plated sugar bowl c1950s, silver plated candle stick c1960s, silver plated egg cup c1940s, absinthe spoon, hand dyed silk, mirror, carved wood heart, silk flowers, silk ribbons, fishing line, pearl beads, crystal hearts, doll hands Mattel Barbie c1980s, Swarovski emerald crystal drop bead, hand dyed muslin cloth, adhesives, screws, texture mediums, modeling clays, paints, wire.Cheralyndarcey1detail

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Absinthe Fairies

Oct 26
Here we go... Number one in my series for the Polymorph Gallery Bitten Exhibition... (not here yet?... pic is being uploaded Tuesday 27th... patience!)... ok ok blurry seeky peek
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