T Shirts available Online & Manly Arts Festival Exhibition

Still in crazy, silly, busy, can't get a minute mode.
I KNOW I haven't returned text messages and phone calls... SORRY :0

Set up today at Queenscliff Surf Club for the Manly Arts Festival.
Come down and say HELLO tommorrow from 1pm till 5pm, please bring me a Red Bull :)
What's there? The first girls in my Found Beauty Queens series "Found Northern Beaches Beauty Queens" and my mixed media small format paintings of Manly "Lost and Found Northern Beaches Postcards"
PS... Mary Place Paddington Exhibition is still on, closes Sunday 5pm

Ok TSHIRTS... I do not have time to print these myself right now so I'm letting the good people at Red Bubble do the deed for me... if they would clean the house and cook dinner too that would be awesome... they do create great tshirts and I'm getting the hang of it... as well as selling my designs to groovers in the USA!



 "To Desire Freedom"





"To Have Spirit"

Available in loads of colours, in tshirts, long sleeve ts, vnecks and girly fit


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Miss Freshwater

Sep 22
As promised... here is Found Beauty Queen number one. These gorgeous girls will be exhibited at Queenscliff Surf Club this Saturday and Sunday as part of the Manly Arts Festival along with work by a few of my friends in...
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Sep 25
A VERY QUICK POST TO ANSWER A QUESTION I HAVE HAD A BIT THIS WEEK..... YES I will accept laybys on my works. (not on tshirts) I can accept paypal and direct debit and oh yes.... cash :)