Radio and an Exhibition... what a day!


Well yesterday was fun!
Great to meet you all and I was very pleased to see people I had met at Paddington come along to Manly.
Girls are going fast... there will be three available (Found Beauty Queens) at the Art Tree Exhibition at the Queenscliff Surf Club today (10am to 5pm) 
If you are picking up at your sculptures at Queenscliff  today, I'm sorry I can't be there, I will be at Paddington as we are finishing up there too. I think there are three or maybe four Lost Goddesses available at Paddington.
I will be exhibiting with the Art Tree at next weekends' Manly Jazz Festival, more details tonight.

Karen, my lovely assistant (AKA best buddy) will be at Queenscliff to help with collections. I will be at Paddington.

Yesterday Rachael our art group coordinator and Gustavo our Colombian artist and I where invited to take part in the Arts program on 2RRR FM. We met the amazing Natalie who runs the program and had a very awesome hour discussing art, life and the universe!  What an interesting show... listen in 5pm to 6pm Saturdays. They have people from all areas of the Arts on the show and have to say the music was exceptionally groovy.





From left to right..
me and Natalie, Gustavo, Rach.

Promise to reveal more assemblage dolls right here on Monday... have a great Sunday!


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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