September 2009

Paddington Exhibition... Who's left

Here we go...

These are my girls that are still available at the  Mary Place, Paddington
The Art Tree presents, "Petite"
Mary Place Gallery, Paddington
16th - 27th September 2009
ph: 93321875
MEET THE ARTISTS Sat 19th Sep 1pm

"The Goddess of the Secrets I Keep"
35cm high

padlock c1870s; cigarette tin c1930s;
brass goblet c1970s; skull goblet; brass leaf c1980s;
nail, silver plated champagne charger c1950s;
canvas; brass candlestick c1960s, modeling clays;
silk flowers; wire, adhesives, paint, hand dyed silk




"The Goddess of the Elegant Dinner Party I'll Have One Day" 35cm tall

glass vase c1960s; lace trim from napkins c1960s;
porcelain vase c1960s; salt shaker c1950s;
cigarette tin c1930s; modeling clays; paints, adhesives;
wire; cheese knives; spoon handles c1950s;
glass napkin ring c1950s; cake fork c1950s;
silk flowers; ribbon


"The Goddess of Sometimes Getting It Right"
40cm high

egg; carpenters mallet c1950s; wire;
cigarette tin c1930s; dressmakers measuring tape c1980s;
silk leaves; carpenters ruler c1950s; steel shoe tip c1940s;
medicinal measuring  glass; adhesives; modeling clay;
texture mediums; German crystal c1940s; paint;
teaspoon c1960s; crystal beads; wire; hand dyed silk


"The Goddess of Type of Exercise
 That's Always Fun" 140cm high

bike seat; cigarette tin c1930s; softball c1980s;
ribbon; shuttlecocks; cotton cloth; wire; thread;
glass bead; German crystal c1940s; glass vase c1960s;
silk flowers; modellling clays; adhesives; photo frame;
leather cord

And that's it, other than the Auction piece. I will post the entire series online tomorrow on my web site. Stay tuned :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Update to this Crazy Week

Ok here goes...

The Art Tree presents - "Petite"
My Lost Goddesses are on show here... there are 4 left now and ofcourse you can still put a bid in on my Charity Auction piece "The Goddesses of Causes Close to My Heart", ring the gallery.

Show runs through to Sunday 27th September
"Petite" The Art Tree
Mary Place Gallery, Paddington
ph: 93321875
MEET THE ARTISTS Sat 19th Sep 1pm

Manly Arts Festival – Manly Environment Centre ‘Lagoon Life’ Exhibition
Venue: Safety Wolf Cantina.
Where: 32 Belgrave St, Manly – opposite Tennis Courts.
When: 17th - 24th September, 2009

I open today along with my other buddies from the Manly Lagoon Life Festival at the Safty Wolf Bar in Manly. This is a Manly Arts Festival Event.
If you met me during that day, HI! Here is where you will not only see all the works created by the twenty invited artists, but you will be able to purchase.
This is mine...

"Lagoon Wanderings"
mixed media

But get on down there and check everyones' out, it was such an awesome day and some amazing art work came out of the day.


And YES I have a few tshirts going into the Womanly Exhibition... details soon! :)

Queenscliff, part of the Manly Arts Festival opens 26th... more details a bit later... I am exhibiting more assemblage girls! "Found Beauty Queens"... Miss Davidson, Miss Queenscliff, Miss Shelly Beach, Miss Manly, Miss Warringah Mall, Miss Roseville, Miss Taronga Zoo to name a few... studio sneek peek on this blog tommorow!
Have an awesome day... :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Opening Night


I met so many interesting people and had an awesome night. I was EXTREMELY tired, I had next to no sleeep at all the night before... SERIOUSLY two hours maximum! I am still working on my Beauty Queens for the Manly Arts Festival Exhibition and there where a lot of last minute hick-ups with set up at Paddington.
When I got to Paddington there was only 2 plints! The rest had been lent out or gone for a walk... we still don't know but anyway I found myself with a great space in the gallery but without any way of displaying my Goddesses. YIKES! So off I went buying up all the calico I could get my hands on and dragged in every bar stool I could beg, borrow or sneek away. But I really think the end result was actually FAR better than my original plan... don't you just love it when that happens? I felt like I had created a room in an old home with mysteriously covered furniture with old packing cases scattered everywhere.


QUESTION.... I loved all the questions last night so I'll share some.......

A question I got asked a lot last night was whether I ever do commission work. Well I do and am in fact currently in the middle of two pieces for clients, one Goddess (Morning Teas and Catch Ups) and one Beauty Queen (Miss Shelly Beach). I work with pieces that people provide or I source pieces or I do a mixture of both, it's up to you.  Nothing is cut or changed in anyway until you agree that you are happy with my plans. Price range for a commission assemblage chick is $150 - $200, depending on materials. 7s They are about 40cm

I feel REALLY REALLY BAD about this one. Two gorgeous girls came along last night to buy pieces they had seen here on my blog but missed out as they sold before they got there. If you see something on my website or blog that you love please email me or phone me and I will put it on hold for you. I already have one on hold that is going into the Manly Arts Festival... will have the rest of the girls up on the blog probably by next Tuesday.


Another question that was popular was where do I get all the things I use to make my artwork with.
The answer is...... EVERYWHERE! I find things in the street, I go to garage sales, I raid friends' store rooms, people give me things, I do the rounds of auctions and markets. I have always been into old things... I'll spend a day happily in an old junk shop just looking. I love old patinas on metals, the softness of worn leather and aged woods.

see above :)

I am so thrilled that so many people loved my ideas and passions and wanted to take my art home.
It's not the red dots or the dollar signs, it's the connection that you get what I'm feeling, you see what I do.  
Thankyou and I adored meeting you all.


Show runs through to Sunday 27th September
"Petite" The Art Tree
Mary Place Gallery, Paddington
ph: 93321875
MEET THE ARTISTS Sat 19th Sep 1pm

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Artist Statement - "The Lost Goddesses"

Countdown is on...
Today I wrote my Artist Statement for the exhibition at Mary Place Gallery, Paddington and perhaps I will use it or something similar for the Manly Arts Festival.
It contains the essence of what I have been working on the past few years and outlines the direction my work is presently taking.

“The Lost Goddesses”
My hope is that by bringing together broken,
 discarded and found objects, then creating
something beautiful, I invite you to look a little deeper
… at everything.
Then look again.

The human spirit amazes me in its capacity to make
happiness and fulfillment out of a life began, found
or cast out in junk and dust. It is in these stories from
my own life and especially of those of others that
have shown incredible triumph over adversity that
inspire my work today.

Assemblage, in my hands, is about creating something that wasn’t there in thought
or form before. It is creating with found objects that have been dumped, discarded and
broken, with former uses long forgotten. A new object is made, with a new use, a
new purpose, but  still with its’ former life clearly exposed to those who care to
look deeper and understand its’ origins. Something can come out of nothing.

I prefer to make assemblages that are attractive in the common sense.
Beautiful to my eye and perhaps to the viewer.  So it is with people who appear
successful, happy, and bountiful. What pieces from the past make this person that
stands here today? Strength gained from working three tedious jobs to get through
an education? Many shattered relationships to finally appreciate a fulfilling love?
The understanding of compassion after it has been shown to them?
What other pieces will they pick up along the way?
The sharp word or unleashed emotion glints at the past, as the rusty exposed surfaces
of my assemblages show their heritage.

In this series, “The Lost Goddesses” I found it natural while exploring the recyclable
and rebuildable human spirit to begin creating human forms.
Dolls depicting Goddesses from perhaps a lost childhood that look at the things we wish
we really could pray or hope for while on our journey. Some are humorous,
some perhaps a little dark, but all are experiences I certainly have felt the need to
have a spiritual or internal discussion about. My Goddesses are meant to be beautiful
and they are meant to hold  flaws, as we do. Most importantly they are Goddesses
made from  the junk and rubbish and sometimes the little found gems of our lives
that now shine with a new purpose and direction.

No matter how bad something is or has become, how broken or dire,
with love, work, thought and care, it can become something renewed and worthwhile.

AND because I can't help it.... here's another Goddess...
"The Goddess of Success Over Mechanical Failure" SOLDMech

My sculptures of Lost Goddesses are priced between $155 to $210

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

where is all the new work?

Soooooo busy at the moment!
Things are taking a little longer than I had anticipated but it's all moving along. I'll get there. DID forget I had a whole day counsellor training thing on this Saturday... OMG could it have been a worse day??!
So where is all the new work? It's all waiting to go live online, BUT not until after the various opening nights. Two have sold from the Paddington show already... so no more peeking!

Ok Ok you know I can't help myself...Garden

"The Goddess of Gardens that Never Make it into Vogue Magazine" SOLD
garden shears c1950s, silk flowers, butterfly earring, silver liquor glass, candle stick, bottling lid c1960s, salt shaker c1940s, wire, modeling clays, doll arms, paint, polish paste tin c1930s

There are 12 of my Lost Goddesses that are showing at "Petite", Mary Place Gallery, Paddington
15th - 27th September 2009
Opening Night: 15th Sep - 6pm
Meet the Artists: 19th Sep - 1 - 5pm

This is a show with my Art Group -


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

"Holy Snappin' Duck Crap" & "He was a Guy with a Lot of Baggage"

Paddington Bound... Talismans wearable? Maybe. 
Part of upcoming exhibition at Mary Place... news soon

Duck "Holy Snappin' Duck Crap"
painted toy duck, chain, leather necklace, wire, findings, star pendant c1990s, red glass leaf, crystal & star spray (napkin holder c1990s), cross c1980s, silver frame, silk ribbon from old shirt c1960s.

PS Try as I might I can't get THAT silk ribbon to reproduce in it's correct colour... it's not as puce looking as the monitor shows, it actually blends in nicely.

Just a little reminder not to go there......

Moose "He was a Guy with a Lot of Baggage"
painted toy moose, wire, chain, leather necklace, findings, mechanical washer, half a sunshape earring c1990s, glass leaf, red carved wooden heart, leather lacing


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

"The Goose is Loose"

Remember when you lost your bronzed REAL Australian Gum leaf earring in 1986?
Goose "The Goose is Loose"
painted toy goose, chain, findings, wire, key from an old Navy office petty cash box c1960s, silver bead 1980s, bronzed gum leaf earring c1980s

QUESTION: Dear Cheri... Some of your jewellery looks like it could leave nasty rust marks all over my brand new Designer Label tshirt. I'm worried.

ANSWER: Dear Worried Designer Label Tshirt wearer... First of all let me just say that as 'amazingly amazing' I am sure your Designer Label Tshirt is, it will look out of this world with one of my groovy one of kind art necklaces hanging in front of it. Rust? Paint? Not a worry, all my pieces are finished with a special hand applied process that seals them, protects them and your clothes and gives you a life time of fine art enjoyment. Cheri x

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Next Public Outing of my Work... with my awesome Art Tree mates!

Be there or be.... well somewhere else... but NOT in any way shape or form better for it... or having anywhere near as much as we will be!
Le-petite-front-600x286  This is like BATTLESHIP... Target- 5 across, 2 down
That's ME... well it's my assemblage... dolls this year at Mary Place... my kinda doll, sharp edges all the way through.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Diamond Rex

Diamondrex "Diamond Rex"
painted toy dinosaur, chain, wire, Thai silver bead c1980s, red coral, cubic zirconia.
The cubic zirconia (very bottom on right) is a carat in size, square in a silver box frame and very sparkly.

If you want him... let me know :)

Newest edition to my Dinosaurs and Diamonds collection.  Jewellery created from found objects.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Exhibition: Lee Duguid

25th August - 6th September
RAW Studio, 57 Pittwater Road, Manly
Tues-Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 12pm - 5pm

Last Thursday I went to see the opening of an exhibition of a local photographer, Lee Duguid. Here is a guy with an amazing connection with the land. I can't give you all the technical blurb on how he creates his magic, but it seems that he just 'gets it' without messing around with the images later. AND boy does he get it! I'm not reproducing his work here (that's nasty manners as I don't know him) but get on over to his website and check him out.  Better still if you are in Sydney, go to his exhibition, you'll love it. Oh and read his 'about' page, very interesting background.
WHAT DID I LEARN?... well here is a guy with a passion for his subject, his work all had a very dramatic feeling but it flowed between each piece. The exhibition was cohesive, nothing was 'out of place' . I was drawn into the dramatic expansiveness of each artwork and each had a little bit of mystery, the misty sea spray and water (how did he capture that!), the second look that revealed a sculpture just on the edge of frame, the bridge leading out to where? Drama and mystery, the landscapes felt alive to me. In a nutshell, I learned to engage the viewer, to provide a cohesive collection and the obvious, to have a visible passion for my subject.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻