Miss Freshwater

As promised... here is Found Beauty Queen number one.
These gorgeous girls will be exhibited at Queenscliff Surf Club this Saturday and Sunday as part of the Manly Arts Festival along with work by a few of my friends in the Art Tree.

My Beauty Queens are made with found objects, incorporating things found in the area they are named after. Yeah that mesh was on the beach :( Far far better on Miss Freshwater don't you think?

Everything has a story, a beautiful side, a worth....somewhere, somehow.


Found Beauty Queens - Miss Freshwater


Cheralyn Darcey
38 x 21 x 15cm
mixed media assemblage $145
plastic mesh, heart earring,  fibers, spoon, nail, papers, fabrics, sea glass, thread, brass goblet c1970s, clays, shearers comb c1932, silk flowers, cigarette tin c1930s, perfume bottle c1980s, wire, adhesives, paint, photo of Freshwater Beach

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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