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Miss Manly Beach

Here she is!


Found Beauty Queens - Northern Beaches

"Miss Manly Beach"
mixed media assemblage
44 x 27 x 24 cm

drinking straws, shampoo bottle,
 shot glass, seashells, net,
  cigarette tin c1930s, pearl,
hand dyes fabrics, threads, earring stand,
light fitting, shearers comb c1932,
modeling clays, paint, wire,
inspired by this weeks' Manly Daily newspaper article re pollution on Manly Beach. A collection reveled that drinking straws where the major litter problem

As promised I will get the Beauty Queens up here over the next couple of days.

Radio and an Exhibition... what a day!


Well yesterday was fun!
Great to meet you all and I was very pleased to see people I had met at Paddington come along to Manly.
Girls are going fast... there will be three available (Found Beauty Queens) at the Art Tree Exhibition at the Queenscliff Surf Club today (10am to 5pm) 
If you are picking up at your sculptures at Queenscliff  today, I'm sorry I can't be there, I will be at Paddington as we are finishing up there too. I think there are three or maybe four Lost Goddesses available at Paddington.
I will be exhibiting with the Art Tree at next weekends' Manly Jazz Festival, more details tonight.

Karen, my lovely assistant (AKA best buddy) will be at Queenscliff to help with collections. I will be at Paddington.

Yesterday Rachael our art group coordinator and Gustavo our Colombian artist and I where invited to take part in the Arts program on 2RRR FM. We met the amazing Natalie who runs the program and had a very awesome hour discussing art, life and the universe!  What an interesting show... listen in 5pm to 6pm Saturdays. They have people from all areas of the Arts on the show and have to say the music was exceptionally groovy.





From left to right..
me and Natalie, Gustavo, Rach.

Promise to reveal more assemblage dolls right here on Monday... have a great Sunday!


Manly Arts Festival - Queenscliff Surf Club this weekend only!

I have only six of my gorgeous girls at the Manly Arts Festival this weekend in an exhibition with my Art Group - THE ART TREE.
Again I'm in GREAT company with some amazingly talented people. As always I'm inspired! Come and have a look, it's a great venue and there really is something for all.
My section in the exhibition... The girls! Series TWO in my Assemblage Dolls..
"Found Beauty Queens"


They are the first in my new series... "Found Beauty Queens" assemblage dolls incorporating found items from the areas they take their names from.
In Honor of the festival I am beginning with the Northern Beaches this month...
Miss Manly Beach, Miss Queenscliff Beach, Miss Manly Cove, Miss Freshwater, Miss Manly Lagoon and Miss Shelly Beach.
YES, I am creating Queens for the other beaches and YES I will take commissions.

I will be at the exhibition today
from 1pm until 5pm
Queencliff Surf Club, Queenscliff

mixed media assemblage

candlestick, painted timber,
silver plated goblet c1950s, net, silk flowers,
 teaspoon, nail, wire, modeling clay,
hand dyed silk, shearers comb c1932,
fabric, paint, hand dyed cloth, adhesives,
cigarette tin c1930s, photo
all of my dolls come with a certificate of authenticity

I am a local artist, working primarily in Assemblage Sculpture.
This year I began more figurative work as I continued to explore the human spirits’
capacity to reinvent itself, to overcome adversity and to be inspired despite
its’  beginnings or setbacks along the way.

My first series, “Lost Goddesses” , a reflection of the hopes and dreams a
little more relevant to modern life, is currently part of the Art Tree exhibition
at Mary Place Gallery, Paddington and enjoyed an almost sell out on opening night.

This series "Found Beauty Queens", features assemblage dolls incorporating
found items from the areas they take their names from. Before you is the
beginning of my project as I will create an artwork for each beach on our
beautiful peninsular and as an extention, other suburbs, areas, towns and cities.
 The do contain things that shouldn’t be found on our beaches
and I hope that as you look upon these glamorous gorgeous girls you realize
that everything has it’s place and is beautiful in its’ own way.

Objects that are ugly in one context, now reborn and beautiful.
The beach is still there underneath, despite what has been thrown on it.
As long as someone cares enough to tend it.

Love the questions and emails!
OFCOURSE I am making other suburbs and areas... Miss Eden and Miss Sydney City are on the workbench as I type!


T Shirts available Online & Manly Arts Festival Exhibition

Still in crazy, silly, busy, can't get a minute mode.
I KNOW I haven't returned text messages and phone calls... SORRY :0

Set up today at Queenscliff Surf Club for the Manly Arts Festival.
Come down and say HELLO tommorrow from 1pm till 5pm, please bring me a Red Bull :)
What's there? The first girls in my Found Beauty Queens series "Found Northern Beaches Beauty Queens" and my mixed media small format paintings of Manly "Lost and Found Northern Beaches Postcards"
PS... Mary Place Paddington Exhibition is still on, closes Sunday 5pm

Ok TSHIRTS... I do not have time to print these myself right now so I'm letting the good people at Red Bubble do the deed for me... if they would clean the house and cook dinner too that would be awesome... they do create great tshirts and I'm getting the hang of it... as well as selling my designs to groovers in the USA!



 "To Desire Freedom"





"To Have Spirit"

Available in loads of colours, in tshirts, long sleeve ts, vnecks and girly fit

Miss Freshwater

As promised... here is Found Beauty Queen number one.
These gorgeous girls will be exhibited at Queenscliff Surf Club this Saturday and Sunday as part of the Manly Arts Festival along with work by a few of my friends in the Art Tree.

My Beauty Queens are made with found objects, incorporating things found in the area they are named after. Yeah that mesh was on the beach :( Far far better on Miss Freshwater don't you think?

Everything has a story, a beautiful side, a worth....somewhere, somehow.


Found Beauty Queens - Miss Freshwater


Cheralyn Darcey
38 x 21 x 15cm
mixed media assemblage $145
plastic mesh, heart earring,  fibers, spoon, nail, papers, fabrics, sea glass, thread, brass goblet c1970s, clays, shearers comb c1932, silk flowers, cigarette tin c1930s, perfume bottle c1980s, wire, adhesives, paint, photo of Freshwater Beach

Womanly TShirt Exhibition - Manly Arts Festival

Here's my Tshirt


Well three of them actually, 2 in black (large and medium), one in rust (small). They all have quartz crystals embellished in the centre of the talismans tummy.





Womanly @ Manly CoveVae05_womanlymanlycove



An outdoor t-shirt gallery by artists and designers from across Australia around the theme of ‘Womanly’. A clothesline at the beachfront will artistically connect the Manly Wharf and Manly Art Gallery & Museum. Meet the artists and buy a unique piece of art!
Where: Manly Cove, West Esplanade, Manly
When: Sunday 27 Sept, 10am - 4pm
Cost: Free

I will have these designs available after the exhibition with or without crystals, in all sizes and colours, let me know if you would like one... $20 or $25 with crystals    [email protected]

I'm on RED BUBBLE! The shirt in black is up... give me a day and I will have variations up. Give me a week and I'll have a nice range :) Heard nothing but GREAT things re this company.
So if you want a shirt and can't get down to Manly this weekend...

Surfboard... Pimped!

This has GOT TO BE the most fun you can have making art!


Well you all know I could assemble assemblages 24/7... but this is a party in a studio.
I was selected as one of the 30 Artboard Artists given the exciting task of painting a surfboard for the Manly Festival of Surfing Nov 5-8th 2009. These boards will displayed in Manly Corso Shops for the duration of the festival, then be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Disabled Surfers Association.

Only had ONE question for Mr Mark Kelly whose; company Global Surf Industries is supplying the boards...

CAN I CUT IT UP????????
He then said the Assemblage Artists' favourite words....
He said, "You can do whatever you want with it"




 I promise it will be ok.... take a deep breath and think "this is for a good cause and Cheralyn is going to make something pretty cool" :)

The theme this year is "RETRO"... oh I'm taking you way way way back.... to...



Portholes anyone? Gotta make sure you don;t bump into big fish out there...


Stay tuned for more "Pimp My Surfboard"...

seriously this is Friggin' FUN... challenging but FUN!

I will document my surfboard creation on this blog over the next couple of weeks... drop back in.

Here She Is!.... and Found Beauty Queens Update

As promised...


“The Goddess of Soothing Baths
and Invigorating Showers”
shower head c1930s; bath plug c1950s;
sushi whisk; copper flashing c1960s;
brass goblet c1970s; cigarette tin c1930s;
paint; adhesives; silk flowers; ribbon; rivet;
modeling clay; washer; cotton cloth; thread; wire





yeah I'm not actually a Vampire, I'm Frankinstien!.....
Here are some of the gals that are almost  finished...















Art Tree Group Exhibition
Manly Arts Festival
Queenscliff Surf Club 26th - 27th September 2009

That's Miss Freshwater half completed....Queens1

Oh that case in the background..
I use a lot of old souvernir spoons in my work
I lucked upon that case filled with some beauties recently... sits on my construction workbench... nice to daydream into... I wanna go to Surfers Paradise in 1974!

Goodbye girls..... My Lost Goddesses

Time to share... but really if you can get to Paddington in the next couple of weeks, that would be great. I'll be there along with all the other artists  from 1pm until 5pm this Saturday 19th September. Come and meet them and all my Goddess girls. I am pretty sure they are all up on the blog now... just these two seemed to miss a showing......

"The Goddess of Very Long Walks on Longer Beaches" SOLD




"The Goddess of Fabulous Shoe Finds" SOLD


Oh I'm missing "The Goddess of Invigorating Showers and Soothing Baths"!! She really is lost!!! Will take her photo on Saturday again. She's one of the sold girls.