Goodbye girls..... My Lost Goddesses

Time to share... but really if you can get to Paddington in the next couple of weeks, that would be great. I'll be there along with all the other artists  from 1pm until 5pm this Saturday 19th September. Come and meet them and all my Goddess girls. I am pretty sure they are all up on the blog now... just these two seemed to miss a showing......

"The Goddess of Very Long Walks on Longer Beaches" SOLD




"The Goddess of Fabulous Shoe Finds" SOLD


Oh I'm missing "The Goddess of Invigorating Showers and Soothing Baths"!! She really is lost!!! Will take her photo on Saturday again. She's one of the sold girls.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Paddington Exhibition... Who's left

Sep 17
Here we go... These are my girls that are still available at the Mary Place, Paddington The Art Tree presents, "Petite" Mary Place Gallery, Paddington 16th - 27th September 2009 ph: 93321875 MEET THE ARTISTS Sat 19th Sep 1pm...
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Here She Is!.... and Found Beauty Queens Update

Sep 20
As promised... “The Goddess of Soothing Baths and Invigorating Showers” 5CD shower head c1930s; bath plug c1950s; sushi whisk; copper flashing c1960s; brass goblet c1970s; cigarette tin c1930s; paint; adhesives; silk flowers; ribbon; rivet; modeling clay; washer; cotton cloth; thread;...