Workshopping with Elise

Elise5 Elise is a member of my Art Group, The Art Tree. She is in her final year at Art College and is putting together her exhibit.

I loved the day... I was able to share a few tricks and methods with Elise and it's always so much fun hanging out with an art buddy for the day. Last year we exhibited together in Paddington at the Mary Place Gallery and I adored her work...

We both share a love of collage and Elise wanted to learn a bit about assemblage so we had a day of GREAT fun putting together a Cricket... here he is... almost done....Elise1

Elise is going to add more textural additions to this to tie it in with the rest of her body of work... pics soon.
He has a French Mouli head... see this is what I get excited about when I create in assemblage!! I just can't that buzz from painting... The thrill of seeing a cricket emerge from a vegetable strainer, sticks, wire and old rusty metal strapping... nothing beats it for me. :)
Stay tuned for news of Elises' exhibition.Elise2

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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