Verdigris & Orange Mornings

Manly1Why I love living here...
Manly sunrise runs... oh yes NEWS FLASH I'm running again!  Well enough to actually RUN!! yeahhhhhhh
All those steroids and cortisone's and god knows what else I have pumped into my body to get better coupled with inactivity have made me a bit cushiony... hell it makes it easier to take the blows in life :) BUT i do love to run... SOOOOO I'm the one with the jiggly arse and the Cliff Young shuffle at sunrise... but I'm LOVIN' it. :)

Verdigris... V1Yeah you know... the colour that drives SOME of us NUTS to reproduce. I seem to get it and then drift off in my, "Just a little bit more green... no no BLUE... oh hang on hang... SHIT I STUFFED IT! It was FINE before" mode.
Have found the Holy Grail of Verdigris... it's NOT Modern Masters (sorrry if you like it... it's OK but it's not the Holy Grail)... THIS IS...


Is it 'cheating' well maybe... all I know is... this is SOOOOO easily controlled and looks AWESOME. I can over and under paint it with a bit of tonal paint effects to add depth and it seems very stable. If in Sydney... I picked mine up at Oxford Art Supplies.
If not... here's their website... don't take any notice of their swatches... they REALLY don;t do the product justice.
I will be posting my first forays with this product in a couple of days.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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