The Bower

I have to get a link list together I think, but first of all I want to praise up these guys. I have been a huge fan of the Bower in Marrickville for years. Love their ethos and it's the best place to find 'just the right thing" I use a lot of a certain 'thing' in my work... nOOOOOO I'm not telling you my secret :) anyway they seem to come up with these on a regular basis. The Bower
It's in the same centre as Reverse Garbage, which is another great place for all of us Junk Gypsies.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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I'm In!!!! Manly Lagoon Festival

Aug 12
This is me... I just found out I have been accepted in the Manly Lagoon Life Festival - Artists with Easels event. EXCITED... SCARED....EXCITED!!!!!!!! Manly Lagoon 11am to 4pm 23rd August, 2009 exhibition of Artists' works created at the...
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Workshopping with Elise

Aug 16
Elise is a member of my Art Group, The Art Tree. She is in her final year at Art College and is putting together her exhibit. I loved the day... I was able to share a few tricks and methods...