Soooo... what am I doing on Sunday at Lagoon Life?

WELL... when I'm not making magic out of junk and found objects, I paint and collage. The thing that has always fascinated me since I was a tiny artist is those old hand coloured photos. I actually did a course when I was living in the USA using the traditional methods and mediums.  It's one of those dying arts because YES you can do it all with filters etc in Photoshop. I was so thrilled to actually do something I had been intrigued by for most of my life.

SO that brings us to Sunday... I have been experimenting with this whole hand tinted photo concept in different mediums and adding my much loved collage into the mix and have to say have come up with a few processes that I really like. On Sunday that's what I'll be doing. Well I won;t be able to do one piece start to finish due to limitations of the site... BUT I will have various pieces in different stages and be working on a couple. As you probably have guessed, I don;t throw ANYTHING out... the collage elements for these works are actually the cloths I use to clean up paint in my studio... no paint in the bin and certainly none down the drain! :)

I have loads of photos of the Lagoon as it's the starting point for where I walk my dogs.  This one was a very so so photo but you can save ANYTHING...

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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